Planning a Wedding Cake

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When planning a wedding, there are certain things that you need to consider. For sure, you don’t want to settle for anything else when it comes to your wedding right? One of the most talked about features of a wedding is the wedding cake. A gigantic, and yummy-looking cake will be a sure hit at the reception. However, this kind f cake can be a bit costly. Therefore, it should be incumbent upon you that you should choose for a cake that will fit your preference and budget as well.

In reality, most of the wedding cakes that you see around are affordable. However, if you want to have something unique and that it would require a lot of details, then you are talking of getting an expensive price about that. You need to also take into consideration the amount of time it takes to make your one-of-a-kind cake. This will indeed increase the amount of costs towards making the cake.

Most often than not, wedding cakes are inclined with the wedding theme. Of course, you don’t want to have a boring and plain looking cake sitting around right? As to size, having an exaggerated is a big no-no. Just an average sized cake will do. You don’t want the cake to be the center of attention. It should be the two of you, the newly weds.

One time, I have witnessed a bride and a groom who argued over what the cake’s flavor should be. He wants white, and the bride wants chocolate. When you are put in a situation like this, it is best to compromise a little bit so that both parties will be happy.

Your chosen baker can do some adjustments for you. If you are getting a multiple-tiered cake, the baker can make each tier in different flavor. If you can’t find a baker who is more willing to do this, I recommend you should find another one who can do this for you.

Take note, that most of the people would want just marble or plainly white flavored wedding cake. A good idea is to have the biggest tier should be in that flavor. With this type of cakes with different tiers, the price can be expensive as well. So, be very careful on what type of cake that both you want to have.

It is advisable that you should talk to your baker on how you want the wedding cake should like and tell him how much your budget is. In this way, the baker can make and design the cake to your preference without being over the budget.


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