Toilet Paper Holders

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I am not really sure if the problem is with me or with my own bathroom. I mean why on earth toiled paper holders are too difficult to handle? Like, you install them for the first time of course they work out just fine. However, as time passes by they start to show off some problems. They tend to loose out a little bit. When this starts to happen, you will eventually find it harder to have the tissue roll stick on the holders. Then, sooner or later you will give up and you will place your toilet paper somewhere else inside your bathroom.

I am not really sure what the reason is, maybe it’s because I live in a small bedroom apartment or maybe because the walls are not that stiff to hold the holders properly. Well, until now I really do not know. I have observed that most of the toilet paper holders that are made exclusively for the home seemed not to work very well. One of the biggest problems I have to deal with is that these holders come loose when being installed.

What I am trying to say is that the walls inside my bathroom seemed to widen a little bit so the holder does not stick well to the wall. I bet it’s because the walls are just too tough for toilet paper holders to handle. But seriously, these holders should have been produced well making them stable when attached to the wall. Even my 5 year old daughter can change the roll without me having to worry about the holder getting loose even if she might put force or becoming a little rough on it.

Luckily, the problem was then fixed by my husband. But I doubt this would last long. For sure, few weeks down the line it will start to be loose again. What my husband did was he took of the holder from the wall, and then moved it up about an inch or two. So the pervious holes are not that visible. They were covered by the holders’ arms. This solution is only temporary, I am totally 100% sure that sooner or later we need to move the holder up again in order to make it stable. Then, we will be putting a lot of holes into our walls. The most annoying part is the dry wall starts to threw out dry wall material right on the floor.

Almost everyone who has toilet paper holders at home, the number one problem would be installing the holders to a drywall. If you are one of the exceptions who have tiled walls, then it might be very hard to install the holders but at least it will last for quite some time. Unfortunately, with drywall the holes will slowly widen due to wear and tear. This is the reason why holders tend to become loose.

I am not sure if there is a remedy to this problem. I better hope someone is thinking of a better way to solve this. This is just driving me nuts!  


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