Horror Movies Are Influenced By Goth Costume

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During the 1970s, Goths became famous and popular in England. Goths loved to hear music played by Goth bands. Goths also love wearing Goth costume. Several years after, the Goths spread all over the United States and Germany. The Goths were strongly influenced by some Gothic novels and famous horror films. The vampires in films also influenced the people to wear dark colored clothing. Some Goths wear black pants, black shirt and black shoes. Girls wear black dresses, black sandals and black accessories.

Goth bands greatly influence the people to wear Goth costumes. Dark colored make-ups are worn not only by women but as well as the men. Black was really famous during this time. Purple, blue and red are seldom used as long as they look really dark. Nails are even polished with black or any other dark colors. Many even put on mascara for their eyes. The ladies may also wear fishnet stockings. Dog collars are becoming popular. Silver jewelry makes a Goth costume complete.

Several horror movies such as Dracula were a big hit in England. Goths also gather together annually in a famous resort in Whitby. This is where Bram Stoker set his well-known Dracula story. Actresses show up with their Goth costume. The film Interview with a Vampire was really great. Famous actress Winona Ryder also starred as a Goth in the movie Bettlejuice. Moreover, Goths are starting to be seen on television shows. Many people love too watch horror films that feature various effects using bats and cobwebs.

Today Goth bands also entitled some of their songs pertaining to Goths. They have bought great influence to the lives of the youth. They also make very good music. The youth are more likely to imitate the fashion statement of Goth bands. Most young people are also wearing Goth costume wherever they go. I often see Goth costume displayed in stores in the mall. Goth accessories are also becoming a trend. Being Goth does not mean being bad. Some people often misunderstand the youth just because they are wearing Goth costume. People must remember that being Goth does not lessen their true characteristics.

There are places that do not want the Goth look. If you are in a place like this, you would probably get into trouble. In a place where Goths are discriminated, people should be aware that each one of us is unique. Goths prefer to wear their Goth costume. If you do not like it then, you are free not to join the Goth people. Other people have always put in mind that being Goth is unacceptable. They may have their own idea of beauty and uniqueness. They may prefer to imitate the white complexioned models.

Being in a society where Goths are freely accepted, you can definitely enjoy spending time with your friends. Wearing your Goth costume, take as many photos as you can. Remember, being a Goth comes only sometimes in your life. You are not young all your life so, savor the moment and enjoy being a Goth. 


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