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Hi, I’m Roger Koehler President of Basement Connection. And we service certainly the local area. We’re in Tinley Park and we also service Orland, Homeward Glen, the area immediately surrounding. I hope you get a lot out of this video.

What are my different options for a finishing system?

Now this is our number one basement finishing system. It’s the thing that got us going. It’s the, true it’s the most expensive but it has the most benefits also. Assuming this is your foundation wall, just the concrete. We’ll come in and of course we stud it out first. Everything we use is mold proof. So you don’t have to worry about that mold that everybody is getting concerned about. Next, we come in with our electrical guys, they do everything per code. Pretty much standard to what a regular is, and then you pack your R-17 insulation. Now we start the difference. We have a fabric top. This fabric is not glued; it’s stretched over the substrate. The substrate is a one inch acoustical board, the same thing we use in our home theater to get the sound deadening situation. The fabric is held on by a track holding system. What you would do is it would perimeter whatever you were putting on fabric. You would cut the fabric a little bit oversized. Get it straight, this is double stick tape. Get it aligned perfectly and then when you close it, it will lock and snap that fabric and hold it. If you can see this, it opens. You would put your fabric in here, double stick tape. You would stretch it but then as you close it, it’s going to stretch it even more and then finally lock it. Which gives you this effect here. It’s a little gap in there. A big advantage of that is; now we’ve just made a dent in that. If this fabric were glued onto this panel we would have this dent in this fabric. But if I do that here, it doesn’t matter. How do I hold pictures on this stuff? Well, we’ve got a little accessory here with five T pins that will hold ten pounds. If it’s heavier than that, put another one up. You’re off and ready. The bottom of this system is fabric covered panels. We use the same one inch acoustical board and there’s always a tear rail on the removable system. This is the non covered insulation board. All it does is lift up under the tear rail, come over the baseboard and you have it out. And they would be wider than this. These are just examples of the system. It’s our number one; it is the reason why Basement Connection is in business right now.

Now what I’d like you to do is visit us and see how you can get more free information and a FREE consultation.


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