Bali Beach Villas – Ramp Your Bali Holiday Experience Up A Notch!

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Few places in the world can combine natural beauty, wonderful people, and lovely accommodations quite as effectively as the Indonesian island of Bali. The many volcanoes that cover the island and helped in its formation create black sandy beaches that create a striking contrast to the ocean’s hue. Bali beach villas provide visitors on holiday with an excellent opportunity to enjoy the beauty of Balis beaches while putting them in close proximity to a number of activities that will help them have a vacation like no other. Theres little wonder why Bali has become one of the most popular travel destinations on the planet.

Balis beaches are famous for their ideal surfing conditions. The reliably steady and impressive waves and warm waters combine to create a great surfing destination, and regular surf reports are available. Experienced and beginner surfers alike will find great locations, and most Bali beach villas are in close proximity to excellent spots to learn how to surf. Many professional surf schools are available across Balis beaches, but countless self proclaimed teachers hang out on the beaches, ready to give adventurous vacationers lessons on riding the waves. While surfing is one of Balis main draws, it isn’t the only adventure the sea can hold.

Scuba diving is an activity that visitors to Bali can enjoy, and the waters surrounding the island offer many interesting dive locations for exploration. Countless species of aquatic animals make their homes in the reefs of the northwest, for example. The sunken remains of the USAT Liberty lie off the coast near Tulamben, and drift diving can be found off the southern peninsula, nearby most of the more popular Bali beach villas. As with surfing, numerous accredited instructors can be found on the island, eager to help you begin exploring the underwater world. Of course, you may not be content to merely look at fish.

The waters around Bali offer some of the best and most exciting sport fishing you can find anywhere. All manner of fishing can be done with great success, and large catches are the norm rather than the exception. Charter fishing trips can be found along Balis coast. Getting to any of these adventures is simple for those renting Bali beach villas. Most rural beach villa rentals include transportation, and your driver will know exactly where to take you no matter which aquatic adventure you want to pursue. A trip to Bali can be relaxing and soothing, but can give you countless adventures as well should you desire them.


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