The Message of Easter

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As we approach the Easter festival, and try to reconcile our selves to the traditional celebration of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, let us be reminded of what the scripture say about this event.

The message of Easter sermon is a very thought provoking endeavor,

“He is not here: for he is raised”

Easter; always proclaims the resurrection of Jesus Christ; and the awareness is conceived with mysterious imagery, executed with artful relevance. Usually the congregation will look to the minister for an inspirational message.

Delivered with poise and grace of instinctive anointing, in the portrayal of the those adorable events, the sermon is to capture the attention of the listeners, with ideas of rich and fruitful insight.

Speaking instantaneously to the spirit of humanity, with the intrinsic thought on eternal life must be introduce at some point during the sermon, these are the basic principles, which are especially important reminders for Easter Sunday sermon.

The introduction

Use relevant scriptures references so that no one is confused, and text that can be easily followed,

Punctuate with philosophical arguments and spiritual metaphor conveying the purpose of Easter, its divine aims and objectives, and the ultimate benefits can be derived from the sermon.

Let us first begin with some illustration and ideas for the Easter sermon that believing Christians and other church attendants can identify with,

Easter falls each year between March and April, in this period of time we will be celebrating the death, burial, and resurrection of our Lord Jesus.

Proclaiming the resurrection

And being found in fashion as a man, He humbled himself, and became obedient unto death, even the death of the cross- Philippians 2:8

Announce the message of the resurrection rather than made long debate about the event, that was what the disciples did, they did not argue over the resurrection, they just told what they knew.

Begin with the story, how a wicked disciple name Judas sold Jesus for thirty pieces of silver, then betray him into the hands of wicked men.

Ideas for sermon notes:

Resurrection power of the Holy Spirit Romans 1:4

Resurrection during and after Matthew 20:19

The Light to shine in a world of darkness Mark 16:2

The Unveiling of the Risen Lord John 21:1-19

Jesus Christ Alive   Matthew 28

Proclaim the Resurrection-Don’t Debate It just preach it

Easter sermon is a message that offers hope and peace to everyone who is a believer, and gives opportunity for none believers to become saved by the resurrection power,

The name of Jesus Christ must be specifically mention and his sacrificial atonement on the cross, but ideas must include his triumph over death.

Easter is the story of how Jesus was crucified on the cross, but then rose from the dead on the third day.

Easter celebration is a Christian event where people flock to their respective churches and temples, people will gladly take part on Easter Sunday special services; because they like to be identified with Christianity. Easter is a time to celebrate the resurrection.

Churches hold an Easter breakfast for the community to attend. It doesn’t matter if the people attending are not members of the church; everyone is made welcome in a warm atmosphere of worship.

Easter food, prepared with Easter baskets, within the festival season the people can draw fresh inspiration from the sermon, and plan their weekend break incorporating a bible study on the resurrection and the new beginning, staying within the traditional mode, Easter sermon will look beyond the sanctuary

Sunrise services are very popular on Easter morning. Usually many churches get together in the community, bearing a cross as they conduct services along the street, stopping at intervals and praying for special needs.

As the name implies, Easter service is held early in the morning accompanied by music as well as an Easter sermon for all to enjoy.


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