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 If you register with a franchisor, you the third party operator will be allowed to use the marketing methods of the company in your operations. You will also use the trademarked goods or services of the franchisor which you will sell in your outlet. The other thing is that you will be allowed to use the name of the company and its “goodwill” which are usually well developed and known in the market. This is good for new comers who do not wish to encounter challenges that face people when they venture into businesses.

In this concept the owner charges the third party an initial fee. This fee will also include royalty charges. The franchiser then allows the business owner to distribute the goods and services that are offered. The owner in this case has some sort of independence. There are some issues that you should take into consideration when making your business plan. These include:

Their credibility: Ensure that the company that you want to work with is credible and the market can trust the goods and services that it offers. The franchiser should also have a good working relationship with its franchisees.

Unparalleled: Its duties should be completely different from the rest. This can be true in terms of the types of goods and services that it is offering into the market.

Straightforwardness: The type of business that you wish to start should be easy to learn to operate by a new franchisee. Avoid operations that may be too complicated or those that need a lot of time to complete.

The market for your goods and services: The goods and services that you offer should have a great demand from the market. This is what will determine the sales that you make and the returns the business makes. The idea that you take up should apply to various markets.

Return on Investment: Any business venture should have its returns on the capital invested. This is usually the profits that are received after all payments and expenses have been deducted. If the returns are not enough, then you risk making losses.

Management capability: People who ensure that your business runs on smoothly are also important. They should be there to oversee the general performance of your business so that you do not incur any losses. These should be people who are competent enough for the success of your business


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