How Stomach Distress Was Treated With.miracle Plant

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How  stomach distress was treated with.

Miracle plant

How do I treat stomach pain.Years ago, in about ten years ago.It’s a great stomach aches.Do not desire to work and it would be a very difficult decision to go to work.I’d started when the stomach pain control difficult.Thought production is disrupted, sarsılırdı my balance.So much so, that would express itself in my face the pain of stomach pain.Fist my hands would start to hit me in the stomach by doing.Oh my God, this is how bitter, how misery.Stomach pain when I have a right to a doctor quickly, within a few minutes.The doctor gave me a two-drug.A classic method. Pain reliever pills.One in the morning and evening have been advised to not drink.For a while I continued drug treatment.Pain has been lost. I’d love to.Passed a two-week break.My stomach was still doing pain.went to the doctor again.Still gave me a drug.I keep using the medication cure.But unfortunately the drugs when its stomach pain starts again.Stomach pain that I can not eat properly, I would be desirable.Would not have wanted to eat dessert.Would so love to eat spicy food seasoning.I’d always ate out.Stomach pain when I ate some food that I’d understand more.Meals in some kind of touched me in the stomach.This is really very difficult for me.It was like a torture.I took a full three and a half years of stomach pain.Sometimes I hate drugs.

Why do you think to pull stomach pain when I was young, I’d feel sorry for not responding to treatment.Doctors have tried different image, different hospitals have tried to be treated.But the case I did not proceed.Stomach pain would not be certain when you start.Sometimes during the day, sometimes night,sometimes during the day, sometimes working, sometimes relaxing, sometimes while the conversation, sometimes while asleep.Friends were with me when my face began to suffer stomach pain felt.Why go to a doctor doctor ill? “ask,but I was falling into treatment.Chased each other in the days, time has passed.It was a Sunday ..

I watched the football match from TV. Then I tried to sleep, stomach pain .. I woke upafter a while.Oh my God how can this pain, this agony I can not explain how.Not no pain relief at home.Wake up  every half an hour of sleep that night.I think the longest night of my life I lived.Now I began to pray to Allah.What happens when God will be morning.I prayed to God and just fell asleep.I’ll go the doctor for stomach pain.In my dream I’m going to a doctor. I entered the doctor’s office out of the stairs.The doctor had let me welcome.The doctor told me my complaint without explanation.I do not have your medication.Look at your walls next to the drug in the future. he said.And me three pieces of white paper, wrote the name of the drug.But this is not medicine.Plant name was.Three pieces of plant name and he said to me.Get out of here, go ahead and taken it inside you’ll find a shop that sells plants he said. I went the doctor’s office.I went to the shop by taking the paper in my hand the names of plants. Plant woke up way to the shop selling drugs.Stomach pain had passed and had the effect of the dream when I wake up ..Oh, my God, this is how a dream.Or are you reallyDid he good news was given to me a cure.I got up and sat on the bed trying to remember the names of plants in the dream post.Three plant name.I remember the name of one of them very well.I’m not sure from  one.I do not remember another one.Just remember crops, Medicinal plants encyclopedia searching.

Yeah, yeah, this is a miracle.This is great.For stomach pain in the dream I saw the names of plants.Stomach pain is good .Yes, this dream can not lie.I agree to that dream.I decided to try this, person to person.Just that day I decided to buy these plants.I found the shop and bought two of the names of plants.Crops such as tea and I drank a boil.I drank a cup of morning and evening every day with a cup of tea ..Two weeks every day, I continued to drink herbal tea morning and evening.Then I looked at ease on the stomach.Now my stomach does not do pain.One month, two month , was six months has not done any bee.İndeed,Did he I’ve been treated.Try it. How will test.!

yes, very painful, eat hot pepperI had bitter pepper, really a pain in the left until the evening, had a pain in the evening till the morning.The next day, not pain.And now I want to eat food of all kinds.After all did not take a dream from stomach pain.After that day I had all kinds of hot spices .What is the name of the plant treated me?

Miracle plant name here: WortThe name of the other plant. I was not sure: Stinging nettle


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