Supernational Structure of Strasbourg

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Strasbourg is a city of France which is home to European Parliament and Council of Europe. Because the city is a border city, it does not look like the other typical French cities. The city caries both the cultural aspects of France and Germany.

The city has been called ‘’the city of conflicts’’ for a long time. In 1681, the city was under control of France and with the French Revolution, the city got influenced a lot by the French culture. Also, after the second period of the 19th century, the city was conquered by Otto Von Bismarck and got under the control of German Empire. However, after the World War I, Strasbourg joined France again. The traces of these cultures can still be seen in the city.

Some locals feel their selves German while some feel their selves French. This structure of the city symbolizes the unification and peace which makes the city a great spot for being capital of Europe.

Strasbourg, being home to the European Parliament and Council of Europe with the super nationalist structure, makes itself important as a member of European Union. The European Union may seem like the economical unification of the European countries, especially with the development of the common currency, Euro. However, on the other hand the European Union had achieved more than the economical unification. The European Union also includes the unification of political and cultural aspects in Europe.

The development of European Union in case of cultural aspects may sound like a danger in losing different cultural identities in Europe but the idea just creates a unified environment which does not include a danger for maintaining one’s culture. For example, the idea creates open borders for Europeans which creates an easier mobility in Europe. This should not be seen just as a right to travel freely around the Europe. In my opinion, this idea of open borders makes people more interacted with other cultures around Europe which can create a better-equipped, more aware generations, thus a better environment in Europe.

The city of Strasbourg is a great spot for being home to European Parliament, Council of Europe and developing European Union when we look at its location and super national structure. In my opinion, the super national structure in the city and unification can be great example of unification of different cultures because this unification in Strasbourg lets people maintain their cultural identity while living in a multicultural environment.


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