Bali Holiday Villas – Spend Your Holiday in a Private Luxury Villa And Really Enjoy Bali!

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The Island of the Gods has long been Balis unofficial title, and with good reason. Few places on Earth can compete with all that Bali can offer. The amazing landscape, local culture, and the pleasant climate combine to create the perfect vacation destination for people of all ages and incomes. Avoiding the crowded hotels in the busier areas of Bali by renting one of the many available Bali holiday villas will help immerse visitors in the serenity that this Indonesian island has to offer, making it difficult to leave. So just what is it exactly that makes Bali such a special place?

Temperatures in Bali hover between sixty eight to ninety three degrees Fahrenheit year round. A rainy season occurs from December to March, but even then the rains usually only occur in the evenings and pass fairly quickly, thereby allowing people who may be on a budget to take advantage of lower rates on Bali holiday villas while still enjoying all that the Island of the Gods has to offer. These comfortable weather conditions make Bali a great destination for holidays no matter what time of year it may be. But climate is only a very small part of Balis irresistible appeal.

Nearly all of Balis majestic mountains are volcanoes, either dormant or active. Many people elect to make the two hour trek to the summit of Mount Bator, a very active volcano that continuously smolders and smokes. The fairly easy climb makes it one of the most accessible volcanoes in Indonesia and even in all of Asia. The volcanic nature of Bali’s landscape ensures that the vast majority of its beaches are covered in black sand, a unique sight for many western visitors. Many of the best Bali holiday villas will afford guests a view of both the mountains and black beaches. As you journey further inland, lush valleys, green forests, and impressive rice paddies take over the landscape.

The culture of Bali is rooted deeply in Hinduism, and you can see its influence in many places. Numerous religious temples dot the Island, ranging in both intricacy and beauty. Many festivals also take place over certain dates, giving visitors a unique perspective of local culture. Many of the locals gather at popular restaurants to enjoy the legendary sunsets visible across the island, and the sense of community is impressive and unique. Many Bali holiday villas will offer transportation as part of your amenities, helping you see the sights of the island with greater ease than you would normally otherwise have.

Bali is indeed a very special travel destination, and a luxurious and private Bali holiday villa can mean the difference between and average holiday and an absolutely unforgettable dream holiday on the Island of the Gods!


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