Storage Locker Auctions

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If you have been thinking about how to start up your own retail business with very little overhead and initial investment, you should look into storage locker auctions. These special public sales occur on self storage properties, whenever one or more tenants have fallen far behind on their monthly rental payments. Should the tenants default on their payments for at least three months, the mini storage company may opt to sell their goods via storage locker auctions in order to make back some of the money they have lost to non-payment of rent. What does this mean for the average small business owner or the person that wants a simple way to make extra money each month? Simply that you can now obtain a large quantitiy of deeply discounted goods via public storage locker auctions. 

Storage locker auctions are somewhat unpredictable, yet they offer an unparalleled opportunity. Imagine a large garage-sized unit packed full of someone’s valuables. The previous tenant might have stored tools, equipment, business inventory, electronics, clothes, collectibles, or some combination of these. Storage locker auctions basically allow you to buy up the entire unit, often for only a couple hundred dollars, and then take legal possession of everything inside! This means you can instantly get yourself a large volume of re-sellable merchandise or business inventory at insanely discounted rates that you would not even be able to achieve through wholesale. Storage locker auctions make it possible for anyone to come in off the street, bid on delinquent storage sheds, and drive away with items that can be refurbished, marked up and resold for great profit margins. 

So how does one go about identifying and preparing for storage locker auctions in their area? By law, mini storage companies that want to sell a late tenant’s goods via public sales must first publicize the sale at least two days in advance through a newspaper or other periodical of general circulation. This means you should always keep a close eye on the legal sections of your local newspapers and get to know which self storage facilities are closest to your home so that you can plan to make it to their next storage locker auctions. You never know what you’ll find until you show up and take a crack at this exciting opportunity!


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