Movie Review: 127 Hours

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127 hours is a movie based on the true story of Aron Ralston who gets his arm trapped by a boulder in Canyonlands National Park in Utah. The opening scene gives the audience a feeling of freedom with its visuals and the music. The beginning scene makes the audience think about the limitlessness of the things one can do, later on audience realizes limitlessness of one can do from a different point of view when Aron gets away from the boulder after a challenging time. Also, knowing that movie is directed by Danny Boyle makes watchers more curious about the movie and takes their expectations to a high level. However, expectations might fall a bit short because the audience can guess there won’t be a solution until after 5 days or 127 hours has passed which results in a boring period for the audience.

      Although the details in the beginning of the movie like Swedish pocketknife, taps that are left opened and calls that are not answered make us assume that they will have meaning later in the movie, the time till Aron gets stuck in the canyon seems unnecessarily long. The story could be told more interestingly and make the audience get curious from the beginning but the movie seems to go to waste from the beginning sequence. Many people probably decided not to watch this movie just because the beginning got boring after a while with the slow progression of events. However, the fact that it is a movie of Danny Boyle can make one keep his or her hopes and stand till the movie comes to an end which is clever thing to do.    

     No doubt, there are impressive things about the movie like the scene where Aron makes an interview with himself while his arm is stuck by boulder or the other scenes where we can see his dreams, his talks with himself and his struggle to benefit from the sun in the canyon. Moreover, the scene where he gets away and later on, gives audience a totally opposite feeling from the boring moments in the beginning. The audience can develop empathy in these scenes which makes one realize that he or she did good decision by deciding to watch the movie till end.      

     Furthermore, the usage of handy cam in the movie and knowing that the movie is based on true story which is the biggest tension element in the movie makes it easier to concentrate on the movie. The subtext of the movie can vary from person to person but the main idea is maintaining a balance between individualism, solitude and not isolating oneself, being around people, caring about people around one is given to watchers by the astonishing acting by James Franco.

     The reason that makes the movie impressive and good is more about the fact that the movie is based on true story and the acting of James Franco that gives watchers feel of despair and hope. Audience are getting stressed while watching him stuck in canyon and waiting to see him get away till the end with huge excitement because Aron is shown to be a strong, hopeful and successful character by the acting of James Franco. The audience can get the feeling that he won’t give up and do whatever takes it to get away from the boulder.

     However, James Franco could have acted more uncomfortable as Aron when he was stuck lonely in canyon for days but watchers could get feeling that there was movie crew because James Franco did not look that messed up and he did not seem to be become rough for a guy who gets stuck by boulder lonely in canyon for over 4 days. For example, he could have been more uncomfortable when he was urinating or he could have cried however he felt like in such situation, not caring about anything else which would make film a much better movie. Furthermore, if we could see the real filming of Aron Ralston at the end of the movie, it could have had more of an effect on the audience. Also, it is nice to remind audience about the movie ‘’Trainspotting’’ by the filming of water bottle from inside when Aron was drinking water to death after he finally got away from the boulder.

     One could have feeling that he or she is wasting his or her time in the first 20 minutes of the movie but after a while the movie takes one in and makes one feel like he or she got stuck by a boulder in an enormously deep canyon. All in all, it is a fine movie to watch with the fact that it is based on true story and the acting of James Franco, if one decides to watch it without a high expectation.


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