Marriage vs Cohabitation

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      The reasons that motivate them to live in cohabiting are different: age – too young or too advanced for marriage, one partner has been married, the desire to know more before they make the decisive step, illusion of freedom (if not working, “you take your toys and go”), involvement of family, relatives, etc. On the other hand, marriage signifies the step to maturity and responsibility. It comes with many years of tradition, and habits that’s hard to say no (wedding dress, wedding rings, religious wedding, etc.), with the prospect of a different status in society … Kinda hard to compete, right?

       Unfortunately, love is no longer the engine causing two people to marry, especially after they are living in concubinage. The reasons that motivate them to reach the altar, however, are more material: the desire to do a loan for a house, intent to immigrate (facilitating access for the countries concerned married), age – that have passed 30 years and they want children, but also the fear of loneliness.

       However, if a cohabiting things are clearer, what do you do when, even after several months of marriage, you realize that no longer know the person next to you (so much has changed attitudes partner) or asking what are you doing in that marriage. And then, if unsuccessful communication attempts, the couple comes to divorce or extramarital affairs. Love is replaced by hatred and the beautiful relationship which was at first not even the memories remain. Reproaches and insults delete everything that was once beautiful and sincere.  Worse is that sometimes breakup turns into a real circus in which the protagonists lose even the last shred of humanity. And then easier – I think – can recover a cohabiting relationship than a marriage, because it requires only the involvement of people directly involved: the two partners.

       Marriage and cohabitation each have advantages and disadvantages, depending on what he wants each person. Freedom offered by cohabitation can be seen as an advantage by some and by others as a disadvantage and the stability provided by marriage is felt either as a “deprivation of liberty”, or as a blessing. What do you choose?


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