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One of the best new innovations on the web is podcasting. This is where you really make your own mini radio show that can be streamed from your website. It gives you a much more personal way of keeping in touch with your readers (or listeners), but it can also have other uses on your site. There have been some very successful language podcasting sites starting up recently. But there are a great many different ways that you can use this new medium. Really, most things that you would write about can be turned into a podcast. If you create a podcast for you site then you are not only creating a new dimension for it, but also you are making it easier for you members to access the information.

When you create a podcast, you make an mp3 file of the audio that you want your listeners to hear. This is a very easy process and if you are just doing a straightforward recording, then it can be very simple indeed. Of course if you want to make it a bit more stylish then you can do some editing and add music etc. But if you just want to do a simple recording to get you information across then it is very simple.

So if you create a podcast, you are not only making it a more enjoyable site, but you are also making sure that you members hear from you on a regular basis. All you are doing is taking the information from a written page that you would give them as an article and instead recording it as a mp3. This is great news for than people that go to your site. Everybody wants to make things easier for themselves and what could be easier than listening to someone telling you what you want to hear, rather than having to read it yourself?

Another reason to create your own podcast is that it is distributed through RSS, (Really Simple Syndication). This means that you do not even have to rely on people remembering to go to your site for the podcast. All you do is upload your RSS file to your website and then whenever you create a podcast, it will let your subscibers know that there is a new podcast waiting for them. All they have to do is to click on the link to listen to it. Podcasting is the great new way to keep your visitors going back to your site and more visitors means more income. It is very easy to create a podcast so why not get started, it’s a great new way to improve your site as well.


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