Have You Activated Gods Word?

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God said that his word will never come back to him void,which means his word will do exactly what it said it would do.Now the main problem most of us Christians have is that we expect God to do all the work.We pray and ask God for blessings and then we just kick back waiting on the blessing.I stopped by to tell you ,you will be waiting a long time.It’s not that God can’t do it without you,but it will be your faith that moves him.The bible say faith without work is dead.

The problem is that most of us don’t activate Gods word.Hebrews teaches us that the Word Of God is quick,powerful, and sharper than any two-edge sword,which means the word is only alive when you activate(apply) it to your life.The word quick means “to revive,bring back to life”.In the Old Testament, we saw that Sarah in her old age body was quicken(revived,stimulated)in order for her to conceive.In order for you to receive that which God has promised you must apply it to your life.Once you do that then the word becomes powerful to do what it was sent out to do.

Let me give you an example.Most of us have Credit Cards.When the credit card is first issued to us it tells us we have $500 to spend.Even though that is true, if you take it to the store and try purchasing something, the card will be denied even though you know the money is there.You had not given the card the power to do what it was intended to do.If you take that same card and activate it by calling the number on the back, you have just given the card the power to do what was intended for it to do and you will be able purchase what you need.The same goes for Gods word.You must take the Word and apply it daily to your life so it can accomplish that which it was sent out to accomplish.I encourage everyone to not only read the bible but apply it to your life daily to receive the blessing God has for you.


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