Yuppies, Worse Then Hitler.

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Seriously, refer back to my old postings about changing the name of Christmas tree to Holiday Tree and Christmas Day to Annual day.

 Now we got this school somewhere inside the United States calling EASTER EGGS, “SPRING SPHERES”. GIVE ME A BREAK ALREADY you yuppies!!!!

Let me start at the beginning. We have a population of people with the freedom of choice. Some of them choose to be jewish, some choose to be christian, some even choose to tell religion to F itself and be totally down with a scientific and spiritual explaination for why things are and stuff. Then there is YOU. The person saying…well, (Whiney), I’m not a christian so I don’t like the term EASTER EGG. Let’s change it to Spring Sphere.

Let’s dive into that shall we? You made a choice to be whatever you are…you’re offended by easter. So instead of offending the people who still celebrate it as easter…MIND YOUR BUSINESS and don’t join in on the EASTER EGG hunt. Don’t worry about what Jesus is doing today. Go watch baseball or something. Dig a hole and jump in it. Give yourself a papercut in your eyes. Do something. Leave everyone else alone. If you don’t like the lighting of the big CHRISTMAS TREE in Boston or New York, change the station. Walk down the street to the  Annual Day ceremony, which by the way you can celebrate every single day cause EVERY SINGLE REGULAR day is ANNUAL….You have every single right to be offended by EASTER, OR CHAUNIKA, or JOHN KIPPER, or CHRISTMAS, or whatever friggin day, but you do NOT have the right to offend the people who DO celebrate. They’re not bothering you. Leave them alone. You have a right to do your thing, LET THEM DO THERE you yuppy.

You yuppies who think that 9/11 was carried out by middle eastern terrorists, that think purrell is the new soap, that think all germs are bad, that having religion is offensive, that think terrorists sleep under our beds so its okay to give up our freedoms given to us in the constitution signed in the blood of everyone who died fighting the british, that think having morals, values, goals, and love is offensive, that think you’re shit smells like ocean mist bathroom spray, that think guns are bad, that think you have to wash your hands every single time you touch something other than air, that think walmart sells the greatest stuff ever cause it isn’t made in america, that think the economy is doing fine, that think the government should have more power cause they are making all the right choices, that think the government hasn’t made us complete slaves over the last 10 years just by bombing the WTC with planes, that think the government isn’t responsible for 9-11, that think all things should be made with hemp and purrell….I could go on and on and on and on…

You yuppies in the above statement. SHUT UP. You’re raising our children to be mindless yuppy drones, who will soon forget that being born into life gave them the right of opinion and choice. Let them make their own choices and mind your own damn business. Its okay if you want to believe what you believe. Its okay to be offended by religious traditions. Its okay to not want to participate in those things. But shut the hell up and keep it to yourself. We’re not bothering anyone on our easter egg hunts, so you stop bothering us……

Go drown yourself in purrell. (Too violent) Sorry, just go soak in it. The alcohol in there should dry you out in a few hours.

These kids are going to grow up and die at age 45 cause they got the common cold and their immunes systems have no idea how to fight it off because they forgot to use purrell that day. But then again, that’s what you want to happen to your own children because if we don’t reduce the population soon, farting will cause the earth to blow up so we have to murder people and make sure they die young. Use purrell….

Spring Spheres. Great, they’re not sphere’s no matter how you look at them anyways, they’re friggin ovals. They’re EGGS for CHRIST sake. Nothing in SCIENCE can make an EGG  a sphere. ITS A FREAKIN OVAL. Take an egg in your hand and look at it. Its still an oval. Scientific proof you cant call it a sphere. You want to prance naked in your back yard and have a spring egg hunt? Go for it. We’re having an easter egg hung you mindless, yuppy mary. Why don’t you just call them Spring Eggs? Or Easter Ovals. Or what ever. A christmas tree is a tree with lights. Whats the big deal. Call yours a Light Tree. Or a Tree. Or call it  Yuppy Tree and hang condoms on the branches to promote birth control since you want a reduced population by murder and prevention anyways.

Toughen up. Eat some mud. While you’re at it, give your kids a little mud to eat too.

That is all. We’re making a movie this year. How cool is that? We might mention Jesus a couple times. Are you yuppies okay with that? Or did Al qaida make me do that? Who paid em to make me say Jesus? Yes, the CIA.

Good knowing yah, Drink Purrell. Nature’s own suicide drink for yuppies like you.


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