A New Game Plan

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Pak politics – A new game plan

Shaikh Iftikhar

For a couple of months, I have been watching Pakistan politics. Based on the news, talk shows, interviews and statements from political stalwarts in print as well as electronic media and an insight through personal contacts, my personal observation and analysis, reflect the future political set-up in Pakistan, that none of the single political party would be allowed to govern the country, moreover, no one enjoy a single majority in the assembly. It has to be a coalition party government once again, after the next coming election. We know the fact that any kind of political set-up in Pakistan, have to get a green signal from the army (GHQ). Recently, the MQM Chief, Altaf Hussain, has been directly or indirectly welcoming the involvement of army in the formation of government which vice versa, is building his party’s image within the armed forces. Pakistan Army, having tried PPP and PML(N) several times each, in the past and achieving zero result in terms of overall governance and delivery to the people of Pakistan, now seems tilting towards and willing to give MQM, a chance to prove worth for the nation, however, this would be done through coalition among MQM, Tehreek-e-Insaaf, PML(Q), JUI(F) and Muslim League (F), also Pervez Musharaf’s APML, will be a partner to it. ANP, seems to keep its main focus on Pakhtunkhwa. The induction of MQM, into Punjab, with the recent display of its public meeting addressed by Altaf Hussain, via telephone in Lahore, and their penetration and focus on Southern Punjab, is an indication of keeping PPP and PML(N) aside to participate in coming elections independently, without coalition partners. MQM, will certainly not have clean sweep in Punjab initially, in the next coming election, however, it will succeed to get some seats, due to uprising of sense of deprivation in the majority of middle and lower middle class population in Punjab, this would definitely put MQM on driving seat to form a coalition government. Reality is that we have no choice, than to experience the new coalition group and look forward to real good governance and delivery by them to the people of Pakistan as required. This new coalition group, have to ensure that they come up to the expectation of the masses.


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