Depressed, Bitter, And Honest

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In our American culture these days we often find people who claim that they are the ultimate optimists. These folks will tell you that they never get upset about anything and that they never get jealous. From the outside it seems like this sort of people have it all. They are always smiling and always happy. However, one has to wonder if all this happiness is real. 

As human beings it is natural to be upset at times and even show anger. It is natural to feel jealousy when other people have the things we want. I am not sure where this whole notion of positive thinking came from, but in my opinion it does more harm than good. This attitude of positive thinking requires that people ignore their true feelings and simply pretend that the problems in their life do not exist. People refuse to allow themselves to be human and to have those moments of anger and jealousy. Ultimately, we are trying to build a society of robots who never show emotion and simply go on with all the responsibilities of the day no matter what.

Honestly, positive attitude is more depressing than true sadness. People need to allow themselves to feel unhappy at times in order to make changes in their lives and improve their existence. There is no use in convincing yourself that you love your job when you actually despise it. What is the point of waking up every day with a stupid smile on your face  while feeling empty and miserable inside? Why should a fat ugly person convince themselves that they look like a Victoria’s Secret model? Wouldn’t it make more sense for the fat person to start working out and for the miserable employee to start looking for another job? 

I am not sure why the American people insist on playing these practical jokes on themselves. Are we so weak and spoiled that we cannot stand even the smallest moment of sadness? Why must we always live in a fairytale? In Ukraine, depression is not considered a legitimate illness. No one spends money on therapy or Prozac. People see depression as a state of mind and believe that it is caused by the unhappy events in life. When a marriage is falling apart, people in Ukraine either keep fighting, stay for the children, or get a divorce. Some people choose to have open marriages. No one goes to therapists and no one expects a magic pill. We do not have Slimfast or any other kind of magical weight loss products either. If you are fat, you simply acknowledge that you are fat and start exercising and eating right. 


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