Auto Repair For Dummies: How To Oil

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When it comes to keeping your car engine, a rule that is highlighted and this rule has often been overlooked a lot of people. This rule states that you must change the engine oil every 3,000 miles or every 3 months. Even if you do not damage your car engine if you let it be the oil change interval of 4,000 km, it is necessary to take into account that 3000 miles rule is there just to be safe especially if you still drive your car very hot and dusty conditions .

The first thing to do is to prepare all things have to change the engine oil in your car. What we need is a ratchet or wrench, oil filter, oil catch or recycling container, a funnel, a bottle of fresh oil, new oil filter and clean one.

When you get all these things ready, the next step is to empty the used oil. You need to get the old stuff to a car engine. Oil leaks from the oil sump at the bottom of the engine of the car. It holds the drain plug that looks like a big bolt on the bottom of the pan. You can not lose.

Before draining the oil by removing the drain plug, make sure the trash is placed directly into the oil change. After that, you must remove the drain plug. Leave everything on top of recycling bin, because it has a screen on top that keep the plug from falling into the mud.

Required for all leaks of used oil. After that, you can replace the drain plug. Be sure to tighten the torque specifications for your car. You need tightening, but should not be too tight, which explains why you need a torque wrench. To ensure that no oil escapes from the Recycle Bin, make sure the cap.

After this process, you will now have to remove the old oil filter. Using the oil filter wrench, turn it counterclockwise until it is free. You must be careful when removing the old oil filter as it will always be full of old oil that can spread and make a mess that is very difficult to clean.

After getting the old oil filter off the road, it is now time to change the oil. Before installing the new oil filter, you must first prepare. Lubricate the rubber seal on the end of the new oil filter. You will then need to fill the new oil filter with fresh oil to about two thirds. You can go to it, but that means you might spill oil when tightening.

Now you need to carefully put the new filter. Tighten the filter in place, and always remember that this is oil, and could run out if you’re distracted. With the other hand, just fix it as tight as you can. Remember that you should not run because it can deprive the wires and cause losses. Extortion does not mean the loss of oil. Remember that you should run as close as you can with one hand.

After that, you must now put new oil into the engine. Simply unscrew the filler cap and insert your funnel. Then, to fill with new oil. The last step is to check the oil level in the engine. Just get the “indicator” was, clean, put back on and remove. This indicates the amount of oil you put in your car engine. If so, then you are ready to drive.

Here are the steps how to change the engine oil in your car. As you can see is a very simple thing to do. You do not need a genius to do it. Remember that it can get quite messy so do not wear your favorite shirt when you change the oil.


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