Clicking Snaps of Your Computer Screen Without a Camera

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I was reading an article where the author very helpfully explained how should one add more than one photos to his/her articles on Wikinut. For the purpose of illustration he had attached images of his computer screen. Looking at the images, I could tell that he used a camera to click the images of his screen shots. I tried to comment and explain that a camera is not necessary for screen shots. But probably I was not clear enough. Thus, I’m writing this article for those, who don’t already know how to take a screenshot of a computer screen without a camera.

First of all, locate the PrntScrn (Print Screen) button on your keyboard. It would be on the right hand side, probably one of the top keys on your keyboard.

This key actually takes a snap of your current computer screen. So if you are just hovering on an icon on your desktop, the image taken by print screen would be something like the first one. If you are using a website, print screen would capture the current page being displayed, like the second image.

Note: The size of the image will be same as the resolution of the screen, I’ve resized my images. 

Alright, so now you know how to click the image of the computer screen without the camera, and say, you took an image. But an important question is, where did the image go? Where is it stored? Well the image is stored on your clip-board. All the stuff, which is stored on the clip board will be over written as soon as you do another ‘copy’ or cut. Which means, you’ll have to paste you image somewhere to save it. Two consecutive ‘print screens’ will cause the first screenshot to be overwritten by the second screenshot. So save your screenshot image before clicking a new one.

I know, this camera has no memory card 🙂

So, where should you paste the image. That one’s simple. If you’re creating a document using Micrsoft word, and the screenshot of a website is required to illustrate the tutorial, you can paste the image right into your document using CTRL+V. Alternatively, you can paste the image in MS Paint, to cut/crop it or, to add highlights and text messages to it. Heck, you could even paste it on Microsoft Powerpoint. In short, any software which allows a ‘paste’.

 If you need lot of screenshots to illustrate your article, clicking computer screen’s images using a camera and then transferring them can be really painful. Use the print screen instead, to speed up the process and to get better quality images.


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