Avoid Hitting The Creative Block.

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Endless Run


While reading an interesting article I was inspired to write a new one. That article, a very well written piece of experience and advice, mentioned a scenario when regular writers feel stuck. They feel they’ve run out of ideas. There were a few very interesting tips shared to handle this situation, but I started thinking from a different perspective. Can we prevent this creative famine?

Instead of acting when you are hit by the writer’s block, it would be better if you take preventive measure. After all prevention is better than cure. Just take a moment and think about these:

How many of us think of one idea daily? Is creativity a regular thing? How many of us can write on only one topic? And are bound to a single Genre? Can’t we try new genres of writing? The following sections discuss these questions.

Try not to lose an idea.

Creativity is not a switch you can put on or off. There would be a day when you’ll have many ideas, and at times you’ll have none. It’s frustrating if you sit to write about some excellent stuff that you thought of the other day, and alas! You do not remember it. So note your ideas, even when they are rough and vague in your mind. So that you can ponder upon and improvise them later. 

Another problem is, You might get excellent ideas at oddest times, and you might not have anything to scribble upon. But do try to store them, if you do not have your laptop/PC at that moment, you might write it down; if not even that, this is what I do: just record it in your mobile using voice recorder. Or may be write a SMS and store it in Drafts folder. 

In this way, even if you’re out on a break, but your mind is suddenly getting creative high, you would utilize the break in a very fruitful manner.

The famous author JK Rowling, once stated that, she often got up from the dinner table and ran to her room to put the idea into writing.

Give importance to your strong feelings, have an open mind.

At times, you might read an article which is different from your genre of articles. Don’t be biased while reading it, and if there is a point you feel strongly about, just note it down. 

So that means, if you generally write about technology, and you come across a debatable social issue described in an article then don’t just read, comment and move on. Don’t think while reading, “I’m an alien to this genre, I’m just here to read”. If you strongly feel for or against the arguments given by the author, be open and consider it as your next article. 

Often strong feelings can be passionate source of writing. And not only good reading, but watching, listening, in fact being an audience of any creative skill (sometimes silly non-creative one’s too 😉 ) could be source of strong and passionate feelings.

So, keep venting your feelings, keep storing your ideas, happy writing.


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