The Difference Between The Contractor And Employees

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Poor working for money. The rich make money work for them. Translated literally, a bad job to get money in exchange for services, pay bills and other expenses. The rich spend money to make money by investing in and / or business. They employ other people, so they do not necessarily have to be physically present to maintain the business. This gives them more time to engage in other moneymaking activities.

The poor believe that the love of money is the root of all evil, so they choose to remain poor. The rich think that the lack of money is the root of all evil, so they try to create wealth.

Say, for example, two people looking at a yacht, admiring, like what happened to me. The person who chooses to remain poor would say: The person who chooses to find ways to create wealth would say “I can not afford to buy a yacht.” “What can I do to own a yacht” The process of reflection the poor how to earn money automatically stopped. Thought process works to determine how rich for them to earn money so they can afford to buy what they want.

The poor and middle class are buying personal things like clothes and furniture for the house ready. The rich can buy them made to order. The products have been ordered are usually more expensive because they are unique or one-of-a-kind, where the richest options, choices and interests.

The poor could not afford their children to work hard so that children can find a good company to work when school is over. The rich could afford their children to work hard so their children can build a good company or find a good company to buy.

The poor excuse for why they are poor because they are supporting their families, if the expenses are high. The rich are motivated to be rich, because they support their families, trying to earn more.

Many people cringe when it comes to running the risk of money especially for the poor. The rich find ways to control and manage this risk.

On the issue of retirement age, the poor depend on a company or government to meet their needs or pension. The rich prefer financial self-sufficiency.

The poor can not afford to save a few bucks. The rich can afford to make investments to increase their wealth.

The poor make up impressive resumes to find good jobs. The rich do not come with the dynamic private sector plans to create jobs for others.

The poor say that money does not interest them. The rich say that money is power.

We can see that there are many differences in attitudes between the thinking of the poor and the rich. Often, the directions of thought are opposite each other. How do you determine the person’s mind. It is unfortunate however that most people choose the easier to think about is how poor people, therefore, the highest percentage of people in poor and middle class. But there can always be improved, if the spirit is willing.

Let me emphasize that if a spirit eager to improve, becoming poor for rich, is not enough and did not realize unless coupled with action, the last and most important factor to convert to a poor person rich. Not just any action, but intelligent, determined and unafraid.

Make it happen.


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