Titanium Jewelry Looks Great

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I am not really a fan of fine jewelry. Maybe because I come from the male specie and it has always been my perception that jewelry is for women only or maybe because silver, precious stone and gold do not give me that appeal to let me want it more.

Are you the type of person who loves to wear bling-bling? Or do you settle for wearing a diamond ring? If you don’t, then welcome to the club! However, one thing I must admit when it comes to jewelry. I do like titanium. Oh, the best piece that I do love is a titanium ring. This is something that only a few people know about me. I am not more of the gold, diamonds, or silver ones. They are just too common for me and sometimes can be very expensive to my liking.

Why I love titanium jewelry? It is because I do love metals ever since when I was a little kid. My first hand experience of touching a titanium product is when my father gave me a whole set of cutlery. Oh boy! From that moment on, I fell in love with titanium.

Those who are into producing quality knives use titanium. Why? For the simple reason that titanium is a metal that is both durable and strong plus it is also light-weight. When it comes to jewelry, titanium is still a hit for me. It is just when I wear a few pieces; I look a little bit cool and modern.

Few months ago, I was busy preparing for my wedding. What should I wear, and the type of wedding ring that I want. I have always wanted to have titanium ring for my wedding band. However, my mom gave me a haunting piece of advice. You see, she works as RN for the past 20 years and still counting. She told me that when a person met an accident and needs to undergo surgery, any piece of jewelry must be cut off.

Now, where would the titanium jewelry be in the picture? She said that titanium jewelry will be like too impossible to cut off. I started to imagine myself, I am wearing the titanium finger and got smashed and the people inside the operating room can’t cut through to get rid of my ring. This is the reason why I chose to get a wedding band made out of stainless Damascus steel.

If you are really keen on getting your very own set of titanium jewelry, you can do so through shopping on the web. By the way, a piece of advice if you are looking at the prices and it’s cheap. You should do a little bit research. Why? Titanium jewelry is of the same price level just like any other pieces of fine jewelry.


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