Heaven is a Butter Star

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Sweet is the lore which nature brings,

In tidings and shapes of beautiful formed things,

In peaceful respite the tearful moments weep,

With uneasy tears our breezy thoughts sweep.

Time into seasons fight with the cheering clouds,

With what seemed a waste of dew unfolds

The starry sky, where we will meet our fate

Until fighting stop and we love those we hate

Heaven is a butter star in grand panorama,

And buttery darkening stars gathered in sky arena,

Gaze upon bright shapes from infinite space,

Spellbound arms hold each other in sweet embrace.

And there in heaven, we look for grace to be forgiven,

Of things loosed from this world at the second coming.

Jealous angels fold their wings in amorous trance,

Watch the moon stood and stars around earth dance.

And change the merry climate to give nature dominion,

Over rivers and land where ancient mariners have gone,

We glimpse for a visible moment the rage chosen,

By the force of nature to linger with humanity in the wind,

Coastal plains in gay high day’s pleasures were found.

Homes submerged in the ground, till the ground breaks down, 

Further into the realm of terrestrial phenomenon.

Time let seasons come again with birds singing in spring,

June showers descended with the rush for summer to begin,

Surprise rain comes between night and the appearing sun,

When stars in haste go hiding behind the moon.

And waters of golden grain flung heavy showers down,

Earth is covered with gloom above the grass that is green,

Floods overflowing rivers, lakes, streams and Ocean,

But nature is kind; and still more forgiving.

While Angel’s sit and contemplate upon silk tassel rainbow,

Holding nervous fate near river lips widening below,

Beneficent sorrow grip the stranded heart in resolute

Mind, the stillness finds hope whispering like a warbling flute,

Triumphant now in life as in death, persistent as fear,

And the fear in the shadows hung over towns in terror,

Leaving the trail of wreckage the atmosphere conspire,

Flash into darkness and vanish with our hopes and dreams,

Into reliable memories borne from fire and ashes,

 Remaining hopes are those of burnt out embers.

We wash our minds and searching for answers,

Waters from the mountains mingle with dark weedy rivers,

And rivers; and lakes, eventually surrender their powers,

Then love too; will flee from spellbound arms in speed,

And find the eclipse of nature roaming silently through sleep.


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