Will Earth Have Bright Future

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Global Warming

Global Warming is a increase of temperature of earth that is cause by Methane gas. Methane is a gas that trapped heat in earth surface, naturally Methane exist in ground and human digging ground to mine Coal or Fossil Fuel as they dig the ground the methane is being released and causing Global Warming.

Not Only Methane That Causing Global Warming?

Human using Fossil Fuel to produce fuel that is use by human for transportation fuel and generate Electrical Power by using fossil fuel, all the burning of Fossil Fuel Produce Carbon Dioxide that make the Global Warming more worst.
As the increased in human population it increased the Carbon Dioxide production and the tree are being cut down to give human a place to live, tree that using Carbon Dioxide to photosynthesis is being cut down and the Carbon Dioxide continued to increase, it mean more human more dead toll number. 

Human just lead it self to it doom with all creature that live in earth and earth, as the Global Warming became worst it will cause polar ice melt and causing flooding in coastal areas and river estuaries, it will reduce the place human, tree and animal can live and sooner all the continent will flood by water without place to live, all life on land will die, only life on Ocean can survive


The Earthquake is it happening more frequently compare to the past. Earthquake doesn’t just causing the building collapsed it cause more deadly disaster [b]Tsunami[/b] with it speed of 550 miles per hour (890 km/hr), the speed of a jet airplane, the people that live near the Coastal only few can make it to high ground to evade the tsunami force, Tsunami sweep everything that stand in it course human that sweep by the tsunami either die by drown or hit by the object that sweep by the tsunami.

Earth Future

By looking at the disaster, human activities that shortening earth life span, we don’t know what will happen in future, does we human can still live peacefully without fear about the safety of our family and friend.

Save Our Future before it too late!


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