Will The End of The World?

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Today I, like many in the world interested in the question: Will there be an end to this world as we have predicted the great Maya? I personally try to adhere to the view that it’s all nonsense, just as in 1999, many expected the end of the world, but as you can see, we are still alive, and passed no more nor less than 12 years. Everything seems to be quietly and peacefully, until the moment until there was an earthquake in Japan March 11, 2011, killing more than 25 thousand people are not from the earthquake in 9 points, but from the devastating tsunami waves caused by this earthquake, the epicenter of which was in 169 kilometers to the east off the coast of Honshu Island .. Then the horror of the tsunami Uel to second place, after all learned about the accident at the plant “Fukushima-1”, my generation of Chernobyl schooled by bitter experience, people are still being born with disabilities and diseases, radiation is not a toy. For a company that designed the construction of nuclear power think a big mistake to place the plant on the Pacific Ocean, where it is particularly vulnerable in this course and the wine of higher authorities, who permitted this building. As they say “After a fight with his fists is not waving,” we will not delve into the dismantling of what happened.
And so we are still concerned about this enigmatic figure on Dec. 21, 2012. In fact, no one knows what it will be this end of the world, someone is following a natural disaster, and some political developments. For example the most exciting political event at the moment is the war in the Middle Vostoke.S our technologies and human stupidity did not last long and by the end of the world to arrange this.
Suddenly remembered the great Romanian prophetess Vanga and the media voiced her words, “When will the chemical rain will not be saved no one, neither bird nor fish, nor any animals or people, and the living will envy the dead.” These words give us more to understand what is likely the person will be responsible for the burning of the world under their feet. But remember, not only to Wang, but Tesla with his invention. Began to recall the version of natural weapons, which may hold the secret research organization. Yes, what with these memories, try to come to terms with natural disasters in recent years 2010-2011 carried away thousands of lives, both humans and animals. In Japan, killing far fewer people than in Haiti, 12 January 2010, when a disaster has claimed 230,000 lives. Heat waves in summer 2010, also claimed the lives of thousands of people. Okay, finish talking about catastrophes, all of them are not listed in one article.
I missed one fact that has no explanation so far. There was a mass bird deaths in the United States, Turkey, Canada, Ukraine and Sweden. Scientists say about some of the electromagnetic pulse, note the death of birds in different sides of the world, then what impulse? And then what to talk about mass death of fish on Mar. 9, 2011, Arkansas, California, USA. Millions of dead fish swim in these beaches, scientists have once again started thinking about this phenomenon may again tell you about the electromagnetic pulse.
Our planet has always been disasters, always one type after another, one civilization gave way to another. We do not know why others have disappeared civilization that came before us because the research they were much smarter and the development of modern man. In any case, will this end of the world or not, appreciate the time allotted to you, live in the joy of themselves and others, paying no attention to the horror stories that scare you.


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