New Commerce Model Digital Product

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E-commerce definition. A short definition:

Electronic media to make shopping on the Internet.

1-physical product,

2-Digital products.

1-Physical products: Always in a particular place, as we know, a certain space, labor,business and emerges as a result of work tools.

After a busy business plans and projects of different types and sizes of physical interestin a product.

Physical products, tangible, visible, size, sizes and shapes are.

A lot of physical products reach the consumer after the procedure.

Physical products to reach consumers in a certain period of time, within a certain period of time have to improve the storage, transport problems are.

2-Digital Item: There is a particular shape.

Intangible, do not smell.

Storage and transport there is no problem.

Product does not have any place to occur.

No need for any factory, no workers, no officer, no administrator.

Digital product is sufficient for a single person and a single device.

There is no need for a long time for the occurrence of the digital product.

Not a product of physical and natural risks.

Twenty-first century is the product of a digital product enjoys great popularity on the Internet as e-commerce.

The same physical product, such as a digital product costumer has

There are a large market as buyers and sellers.

Owners of digital products in a short period of time without having to know a foreignlanguage is able to offer digital products to the world market.

There is a long time to wait for the digital product.

Digital product you like, you find the price reasonable and you have to pay.

Be able to do one of the different account types of payment.

Account types, Credit Card, Paypal, Moneybookers, Alertypay can you do with one.

Paypal is the most famous of these account types.

International accountability and a reliable form of payment.

190 countries in the world bank accepts PayPal account.

PayPal Account, E-Trade for physical and digital product is a valid method of payment.

International E-Commerce to do with an account that is really nice and easy method.

Sellers who want to get a place in the world market first ‘Click Bank’ and ‘Paydot’ should be placed in.

Digital products’ click bank ‘ve’paydot’ sold on the need to submit.

Or use a different method.

Web sites also sell with paypal account.

In addition, the Google Checkout account and shopping on the Internet can ilede hemdesell digital products.

However, the ‘Google Checkout account is not yet very widespread.

First, the United States and several countries’ Google Checkout account is given on thepossibility of selling a digital product owners ..

E-Commerce and marketing of digital products are popular with each passing day.

Some people are starting to recognize people in the world with each passing day.

Digital product sales and marketing methods to use the different techniques are applied.

People in developed countries, although a very large market share in digital mediamakes money by making purchases verişlerini.

Digital media on the Internet while sitting at home, can start making money within a few hours at a desk in his office.

Get yourself in the digital product and digital market and the shape of the future alreadystart learning the trade.


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