Easy Exercises to Reduce Breast Size

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Poet Alexander Pope, while narrating the beauty of Belinda’s breast in Canto II, writes, “On her white Breast a sparkling Cross she wore, Which Jews might kiss, and Infidels adore.” Female breasts have been enlightening the brains of poets to create immortal poems. Women want to have beautiful breasts not only to charm the world but also to keep themselves busy and healthy. Right size of breasts is a good sign of women’s health. If breasts are heavy and large, it leads to back ache, arthritis, breast cancer and other health problems.

Exercises to reduce breast size

1) Breast reduction exercises help women to look better. They create an impression that the breasts are being lifted. This gives them a psychological boost in their positive emotions.

2) Contrary to popular belief that breast reduction exercises are reducing breast size, they actually tend to tighten the muscles of the chest. Moreover, breast reduction exercises help women  to give their breasts a good shape. The results may vary from person to person according to their arm circles and to the proportion of glandular and fatty tissues to muscle tissue.

3) In fact, most of the breast reduction exercises tone the muscle tissue that lies under the glandular and fatty tissue and help reduce the amount of fatty tissue in the breast. Breast reduction exercises increase the muscle tone and give a flat appearance in the chest.

4) Breasts are actually fatty tissues and can be reduced by burning calories which also helps reduce weight throughout the whole body. Exercises such as running, biking, stair stepping, swimming and rowing help burning calories.

5) Push-up exercises are very useful for chest and shoulder muscles. Lie down on the floor face down with your feet close together and place your hands shoulder width apart. While maintaining your body in a straight position, lower yourself down until your chest touches the ground. Push yourself up lifting your head and shoulders.

6) If you have health center facility either at home or nearby you can find equipment for toning  chest muscle. A set of dip bars can build the muscle in your chest. A Pec Deck machine can help stretching your chest muscles. Doing several repetitions of pushing levers together and returning until chest muscles are stretched will shape your breasts with a good lift.

7) Chest-fly machine can help you by pulling the handles together and engaging your chest muscles. They induce you to do the exercises without any difficulty.

8) Even if you do not have any of the above exercise machinery, you can do decline dumbbell-flys to work your lower chest muscles by lying on your back on a decline bench. A pair of dumbbells is available easily.

9) Simple exercises at home can also help reduction of breast size. Spare some time at home to exercise. Simple moving exercises can be performed around the house to reduce your breast size. For example, if you find yourself standing near a wall, perform a set of wall push-ups. Now and then you can perform such push-ups and pull-ups.


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