Equine Vet Ireland, Laminitis in Horses, Colic in Horses

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Equine Vet Ireland is one of ireland’s leading Equine Hospitals.

Equine Veterinarian services include treatments of laminitis, collic i horses and horse lameness

The website also provices free videos on Horse Care.

The hospital provides a full range of services ealing with all aspects of equine health


Despite improvements in treatment of colic in the last 20 years it is still the biggest killer of adult horses! It is therefore no wonder that owners are concerned when a horse gets colic. Troytown Hospital is a major centre for referral of horses with colic (acute abdominal emergencies) and we treat over 300 colic cases each year.
Troytown is equipped with the latest technology to investigate complex lameness problems. Lameness examinations are time consuming and it may take several days to fully examine a lame horse and to come to a conclusion with the aid of diagnostic analgesia and imaging processes. The latest technologies are employed including ultrasonography, scintigraphy and digital radiography. We are experienced at the art of diagnosis and treatment with the aid of keyhole surgery in some cases.


mprovements in anaesthesia, surgical technology and expertise, has improved success rates for the repair of some long bone fractures in horses. The Hospital carries a full range of AO/ASIF instrumentation and performs many internal fixation procedures yearly, from the simple to the complex. The use of pre-surgical digital radiography and the dedicated intra-surgical digital radiography system has improved technical preparation and implant placement significantly. Significant numbers of horses now survive to fulfil a useful life. The success of joint surgery has been revolutionised by the development of arthroscopic (‘key hole surgery’) technology and expertise. Using videocamera control, a diversity of instrumentation including motorised burrs and synovial resecting equipment can be utilised to treat the presenting conditions.
This has resulted in performance horses recovering better and returning to training earlier than was previously possible, with conventional arthrotomy techniques.

Reproductive Services

Two of Troytowns Partners, Hugh Dillon and Michael Sadlier have specialist certificates in Equine Stud medicine from the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons. They have considerable experience along with other members of the practice.
As well as providing an ambulatory, regular on stud service Troytown also will carry out detailed investigations into barren and subfertile mares. These investigations are carried out at Troytown. Assessment firstly invloves getting a detailed history of the mare’s breeding record followed by a clinical and gynaecological examination. A thorough ultrasonographic assessment if made of both ovaries, uterine horns and uterine bodies. Speculum examination of the cervix is done along with manual palpation of the cervix through the vagina. An assessment is made of the effective vaginal and vulval seals. Cervical swabs and uterine lavage samples are taken and analysed in the laboratory. Other more specialised tests including hysteroscopy of the uterus and uterine biopsy may be used where indicated.


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