The Comparison of Moby Dick

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The waling tale of Moby dick is based upon a magazine account, portrayed in Herman Melville’s classic, where a huge wale with violent temper had attracted whalers to the pacific coasts of Chile, over the years, many different stories have surface, attributing the lost of lives to the wicked streak of Moby Dick, and there is no doubt the account has continued to fascinated readers worldwide.  

The nucleus of the story is really to see who would come off winner, the whalers or the renowned whale? The monster would attracted prestigious fighters on the sea, although the monster is cunning, with a deadly sense of humor in its own habitat, the hunter would find himself in unfamiliar territory battling against the elements. The ads were against winning against this unpredictable ruthless monster.

Sailors adventured their lives being tormented and tortured by the obsession of capturing Moby Dick, as the wailers struggled for mastery, the task eventually grew harder, but all the time; the brutal creature is watching, and is always one step ahead of the game. The comparison of Moby Dick and Satan has close resemblance; they are both after the lives of innocent people.

We see this depraved creature unraveled in the scriptures, as a serpent, its an awful picture of an evil being who wants us dead, and will try every trick known to capitulate us.

The devil is like Moby Dick, a stalking devouring evil beast, taking some people unsuspecting and crippling others, by pretending to be an angel of light.

This stalking beast is always in active pursuit, and people’s fate is in their own hands when they bargain with this brute.

Peter Pan is the tale of an innocent person name Wendy, who meets up with a shy character called Peter Pan, who never had a mother, who has lost his shadow, and who comes from a strange land not found on any map.

These two have a nice funny adventure but eventually they meet up with an insane ship captain whose hand has been eaten by a devouring beast. The ship captain is then fully consumed by the devouring beast.

A reminder, that we are not Peter Pan, and this crocodile is real, captain hook will hang you out to dry if you let him, we are fighting a real enemy with rearguard action, fighting on moral grounds with spiritual thoughts in cunning deeds, you cannot win without graceful help, and you can’t see where arrows are coming from, but you will know when they land.

Did you know that there are large descriptions of monsters fishes found in the bible? With strange sounding names, like Leviathan, behemoth, and water Serpent, they are found in the ancient Old Testament book of job, Psalms and Isaiah. These monster fishes are equivalent to the size of a mini bus, possibly bigger with the ability to swallow a person whole. Sometimes predatorily the hunting for food which would be unfortunately smaller fishes, the crawling monster fish is mention in the book of job five times.

The discomfort Job is made more painful by intermittently describing this beast which resembles Satan, as a monster that can not be tame, Depicted in the story of Moby Dick, and has since become synonymous with any large sea creature. Leviathan is the meanest beast that inhabits the sea.

And the psalmist declared how God would crush the head of Leviathan. Psalms 74:14

O Lord, what a variety of things you have made! In wisdom you have made them all. The earth is full of your creatures. Here is the ocean, vast and wide, teeming with life of every kind, both large and small. See the ships sailing along, and Leviathan, which you made to play in the sea. Psalms 104:24-26.


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