Who Are The Four Horsemen of Apocalypse?

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Revelation Chapter Six introduces us to the four intriguing horsemen of the apocalypse and opens with the fascinating mysterious white horse rider who is galloping across the Mediterranean vale with timely thunder hoofs. The nameless character brings with him precarious ingenious assessment, when the seals are broken they correspond with events spoken about by Jesus upon the mount of Olives, when he was consulted in private by his disciples about the signs relating to the last days.

Jesus wanted the disciples to have a good understanding about the apocalypse; their testimony was designed to bring us closer to apprehend our fears. And come to a full realization of events that will undoubtedly test each person’s faith.

The seals are similar to the signs of the end of the age as describe by Jesus in Matthew 24: 6-8 there will be wars, famines and earthquakes, persecution and deaths, concluding with signs in the heavens, and the sudden appearance of the son of man.

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are mentioned in all translations of the Bible in the Book of Revelation chapter six, this remarkable chapter so full of graphic passion, predicts how and where the four horsemen will ride during the time of their Apocalypse.  The four horsemen are traditionally named War, Famine, Pestilence, and Death. However, the Bible actually names only one: the pale horse rider, Death. An alternate interpretation, different translations, hold that the first Horseman actually represent none other than the Antichrist, the second to represent Pestilence sometimes called Plague, while the third and fourth riders remain Famine and Death, respectively.

Consultants will hold seminars to find the answers to many probing questions, because the rapture will have taken many people away from their family, some wealthy businesses will suddenly close, fearing the worst, because many company directors and secretaries will not be traced, they just vanished, leaving their last work assignments, the local shop keepers, care workers, doctors, nurses and administrators, pharmacists, deep sea divers, poets and preachers.

Fashionable designers, airline pilots, faithful Sunday school teachers, the dependable quiet and unassuming personnel, the dog walkers, marathon runners out on their usual stroll in preparation for a personal best, dedicated nuns, priests, prayer warriors, singers and dancers, newscasters even happy innocent children playing in the park with one another, the list goes on, this then will be the anticlimax, as event after event  unfolds during the tribulation.

People’s nerves will already have been shattered, now even more on edge, fearing alarmingly the very worst, no amount of national tears will bring them back, no threat of terror alert or blaming government will vindicate this situation. The thunder hoofs of the galloping horsemen will ride swiftly across the Mediterranean infulfillmentof scriptural prophecies.


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