Living Healthy

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Our Health is perhaps the most important gift that has been given to us next to the breathe of life, and we often take it for granted that we will live a long happy and prosperous life, but good health does not come easy it must be worked at; naturally it is not an automatic machine.

Practicing good health requires commitment to exercise which includes physical efforts by taking brisk walks and eating healthy nourishing food, supplemented by the vital vitamins required to maintain a healthy immune system.

As we get serious about our dietary, we begin to come somewhere near the importance and significance, about our physical health, largely how can we can improve?

We can become over emphasized and leaving out what I would say is the most important area of our existence. Our health is important because it gives us the ability to be independent and to do daily the little things that makes us feel special.

Having a great body should be complimented with an equally great mind, mental and emotional health can cope with threatening disease if the supportive knowledge is in place, and good health is achievable wherever you are,

If you are wealthy, the rules apply, if you are poor, there is no excuse not to tone up your body,  its not conditional upon your status, but you are the greatest motivation for who you are and what you want to be, come so cherishing what is precious and completely so amazingly beautiful can pose several thought provoking questions. What is standing in your way?

Risk assessment can eliminate future pain and allow individuals to have a great life, we can help ourselves by doing these necessary things to reduce health hazards, eating, sleeping, and dieting correctly can reduce painful and nervous anxieties.

Not every individual person is a blessing with perfect health; there are individuals born impaired and some have made society diminished their ambitions, and many are suffering with mild disabilities and severe mental trauma, which require corrective medication process.

And people who are in high risk employment daily are encountering a higher level of stress, can function normal if they apply the training that has been given to them relating to their task.

Every apposing conflict has been created by humans, between the essential nature of conflict, and our desire to find peaceful resolution and a life free of conflict. We have slowly removed ourselves from the immediacy of the food chain, rather than been hunted, we have instead become a wall to protect ourselves from the conflict of other predators and prey.

We find then that we still seem to need those dialog battles, and candidly we try alertedly to turn against our own species to find them in survival fighting on the streets and battlefields.

We have reached close to sheltering ourselves from the oncoming evil elements of misunderstanding in the present atmosphere, only to find that our removal from them creates a deeper conflict with our basic need to be connected to each other.

An emptiness of soul begins to develop inside our evasive shelter a sense of bordering conflict with ourselves. Earth in conflict challenges the very purposeful thoughts we hold about our neighbors, seeking a solution to define our ulterior motives, our isolation is not good for health reasons, mankind need each other, the good needs the bad so education can be taught, parallel comparison can also be made.

Through medical dispensing and other means of safety solution, we have dedicated our narrow brilliant self, to removing the conflict against time and inner negative painful forces.

Medication is useful but dependence upon drugs will result in side effects, however, as we get older, developing experience along the way, power becomes addicted possession difficult to relinquish, and in democratic stand, the vacuum self willed opinionated view becomes unhealthy.

The longer the problem takes to find settled answers, stronger the conflict grows, making inhospitable condition more determine than ever before. And again, mistrust finds a damaged route into previously established good relationship, and ethics indirectly questions the belief in our existence and our purpose here on earth.


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