Clean Air, Safer Energy Production- Refuse Derived Fuel Process

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It seems that only the bad news are being discussed in global boards instead of finding solutions that could change the world to make it a better place. Major countries both in the US and in Asia are pushing forward for cleaner air and safer energy production through the use of green technologies and the refuse derived fuel process (RDF process). It is our responsibility to eliminate the hazards that has surmounts our planet to safeguard our environment from depletion.

It is clearly visible to us that in order to achieve great changes; we must invest determination to what we do. This will be of significant help to find better solutions that we could apply to our society. Throughout the past few decades, the human populace and their demands increase as well as the amount of waste that they generate. This adds up to pollution causing agents that depletes our environment and causes the climate to change. Waste management methods are continuously improved to address the growing problem towards waste and pollution. One of the newer methods that are proposed is the refuse derived fuel process (RDF process).

Refuse derived fuel process (RDF process) is a technique that is applied in numerous waste to energy plant that aims to recover eco-fuel from waste. Materials that are commonly found in sanitary landfills are redirected into material recovery facilities that are reduced by the methods of recycling and energy retrieval methods. The scale and size of materials are significantly cut down through the process of screening and separation. Recyclable materials are processed to create new products while waste containing high calorific value is treated and converted into energy. Waste is continuously processed therefore; minimizing millions of tons of materials in sanitary landfills.

Renewable energy sources that is produced from waste reduces pollution causing agents that is being dispersed into the atmosphere. Cleaner energy is formed that meets the growing demands o its consumers. Hazards are prevented through back up plans that are provided in waste to energy plant that utilizes the refuse derived fuel process (RDF process).  The production of electricity from waste is calculated as far more cost efficient than traditional methods of power generation through the use of fossil fuel and coal.


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