Wwe Raw 11/04/2011 Review

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We start the show with Cole making his way to the Cole Mine. Then out comes Cena to talk about this match against The Rock and how it will be for the WWE Championship…That sounds good and all, but I am hoping Cena is not the champion at that time! He then challenges The Miz, but instead of Miz, Orton comes out and says Cena should move on and let someone who actually won at WrestleMania get a shot! My guess was that Punk would be the next one to come out, but no, instead we get Morrison who says everyone has seen Orton and Cena fighting over the championship but now things will be better now Morrison is involved. Vickie and Dolph come out to say that Dolph is obviously the most talented wrestler in the ring and how he has never faced Miz for the championship. Out comes R-Truth…Good, just like other wrestlers, he should get the push. R-Truth says how he has not faced the champion one-on-one from any show. Cole reads out an emails stating that there will be a 5-man gauntlet match…Well that sucks! The wrestlers who start in the ring will be beaten up while the following wrestlers will have more strength!

Then we see a not so good promo of Awesome Kong breaking off a dolls head…What is that trying to tell us…Is Kong going to remove a diva’s head on live television? Come on now!

Diva’s Championship
Brie Bella (with Niki Bella) vs. Eve Torres

At the start of the match, Brie gets a cross drawn on the back of her hand, so they can tell who is in the ring…As clever as that is, it is still a joke! Brie starts okay, before in the corner of the ring Brie misses an elbow attack and the roles reverse. After a dropkick to a hanging upside down Brie, the twins try to switch but is soon picked up by Eve and the referee. Eve then turns around for a Brie X-Factor for the win…I would not have made one of the twins the champion. The reasons being, the are not the best diva’s on the show and I do not like diva tag teams.

Sin Cara vs. Primo
I hope we are not looking at another Rey Mysterio! After a headbutt to the mid section, Primo tries to powerbomb Cara, which Cara reverses into a roll up pin for a two count! Then Cara throws Primo into a corner of the ring and runs into a kick to the face. Primo goes to the top rope, only to get a kick to the head by Cara, but then botches a move and falls to the outside of the ring. Again, once in the ring, Cara kicks Primo in the head and does his impressive flip from the top rope for the win…I enjoyed this match, but I think Cara should have faced someone a little more involved in WWE or someone who does not have the chance of being released soon.

In the ring, Wade brings up what Cena and Rock did to them last week and blames it on Slater and Gabriel. Gabriel says he is the most talented guy in the ring. Slater and Jackson interrupt to say how good they are too…Is this a step to them breaking up? Santino comes out with Mark Henry, Bryan and Bourne and call themselves the Apple before challenging Corre to a fight.
The Apple vs. The Corre
The match was nowhere near as entertaining as last weeks match. At the end all Corre members are in the right wrestling The Apple, before Gabriel kicks Santino in the back in the head and Santino stumbles into a reverse DDT by Slater.

Jim Ross comes out for Lawlers match, to get insulted by Cole. At the Cole Mine, Jim Ross starts shaking the Cole mine, which brings out Swagger and as Lawler fights him off, referee’s come out to split them up.

Jerry Lawler (With Jim Ross) vs. Jack Swagger (With Michael Cole)
Throughout the match, Cole shouts insults to Ross and instructions to Swagger…What an idiot. After a few head shots to the corner of the ring, Lawler hulks up, takes down his arm strap and starts hitting Swagger around the ring, before getting kicked in the mid section and setup for a gut wrench, but manages to escape and drop kick Swagger into the corner. Cole gets on the apron and distracts Lawler, so Swagger can attack him from behind. Ross takes Cole down off the apron, which distracts Swagger, allowing Lawler to roll him up for the win…It was good to see Ross involved and get some payback on Cole from his BBQ sauce attack from last week.
After the match, Cole yells and slaps Swagger, saying he deserves it for losing the match…Oh dear Cole, you are going to need him as Lawler announces that at Extreme Rules, it will be Lawler and Ross vs. Cole and Swagger.

A footage of Taker vs. HHH at WrestleMania is shown, but with wrestlers talking about how great the match and two wrestlers were.

Edge comes to the ring and announces he has been in a lot of pain and after taking tests, the doctors say he has to retire. The crowd begin to chant “thank you Edge” Edge says how Christian has been there for him and helped him remember what he has accomplished. He says how he has won more championships than anyone else, how he never dreamed of leaving as champion…This may have been the reason why Alberto did not win at WrestleMania. He says he hopes that he has the respect of the other wrestlers and fans. He says he will miss everything, how he does not need to wear tights tomorrow and to be able to eat lots of ice cream! By now you can see Edge is getting emotional. At the top of the ramp he does one last pose and leaves. Backstage Edge walks through a line of wrestlers and diva’s who show their respect to Edge…Edge, you will be missed! Good luck in what you do next and thank you for the great matches!

Number One Contender 5-Man Gauntlet Match
Randy Orton vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. John Morrison vs. R-Truth vs. John Cena

After a long sleeper hold from Ziggler and a vertical DDT from Orton, we get the surprise return from Otunga, McGillicutty and Ryan as they distract Orton allowing Ziggler to roll him up for the elimination.Following the elimination, Nexus attack Orton…I love the fact they are back, it was just a shame Punk was not with them! R-Truth is out next. After Dolph kicks R-Truths ass he hits a neck breaker for a two count, but as he picks him back up, R-Truth hits his finisher for the elimination. Next to come out is Morrison. After back ad forward pins between the two, Morrison tries to hit the Starship Pain, but R-Truth moves, runs in and hits the face drop for the elimination…I think WWE are making us really want Morrison in a title match before it actually happens. Later in the match, after a “you can’t see me” fist drop, Cena goes for an Attitude Adjustment only for Miz and Riley to come in and attack them both and finishing the match as a double DQ!
After the match Miz says no one is the number one contender as they all lost…Lawler reads an email, which states that the match at Extreme Rules will be Miz vs. Cena vs. R-Truth…I do not have a problem with that, I jut do not like that Cena is getting his rematch, even though I predicted it would happen, but come on R-Truth! R-Truth and Cena clean house, shake hands and push each other, before R-Truth gets out the ring…I thought these two were going to fight.

Where was HHH? =(

What did you think of Raw?


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