A Positive Lifestyle With Meditation

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Meditation has been in practice from legendary times when it was believed that the great sages had the authority to control the universe through powers achieved through meditation. Whether or not we can control the universe but we can definitely bring great positive changes into our own self and functioning through the restorative powers of meditation. Meditation has powerful positive effects on the whole body and mind as it paves the way for overall relaxation and relief from stress. Meditation has been acclaimed by many successful people who could imbibe the positive effects of meditation into their lifestyle effectively and has remained free from diseases and also stress to a great extent. Stress is becoming a glaring evil of the modern life and we invariably fall prey to the different adverse effects of stress. Meditation is a harmless and easy method to relax the mind and body by calming and soothing our overall functioning.

Meditation is a medicine free method that ensures not only healing through therapeutic effects but also develops a positive attitude in the individual. During our daily activities we are not even aware of the small things and daily hassles that keep mounting up to form high levels of stress within us. Getting up in the morning, getting ready for work, preparing breakfast, preparing kids for school and dropping them there, commuting for work and getting held up in the traffic jam, work pressures and deadlines all amount to stress that keeps accumulating day by day and silently making us ill from within. We begin to age fast, become more prone to distress and diseases, become anxiety prone and lose mental peace altogether. Meditation practiced daily and religiously can keep the body, mind and spirit in proper balance and also helps us to combat stress by bringing upon ourselves a calming effect. Thus through meditation chances of being affected by heart disorder, hypertension, anxiety and high blood pressure can also be controlled.

Nowadays even medical practitioners have accepted the great positive healing power of meditation and they prescribe the same for rapid and long lasting healing. Although meditation had been considered in the spiritual context for a long time but there are evidences from scientific point of view as to how meditation works effectively on the brain. It has been established that with practice and perfection in meditation we can actually instruct our brain to function in certain preferable ways. Meditation consists of deep concentration by purging the mind from all possible stress and tensions. This type of deep concentration creates a positive effect on the brain cells by making them more active.

To sum up we can say without any doubt that regular practice of meditation can ensure a physically fit body and also positive mental health. Meditation upholds spiritual growth which makes us capable of deeper insights into the self and life. Better decision making power and creativity, better sleep patterns and an overall peace and calm of the mind can be inevitably achieved through regular practice of meditation.


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