War Time Stories

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Since I am narrating someone’s, that too of a soldier’s experience, during a bloody battle, it will be a very dry and emotionless narration, please bear with me.

Mr X (sorry I promised him that I won’t let his name public) was on deputation to some field unit somewhere in Kazakhstan. He was literally amidst an island of bullets and shells day in and day out as we all know the situation prevailing over those areas.

It was a routine thing for those soldiers to capture the militants and handover them to the police for further action. The commanding officer of the unit was a young and kind hearted person who believed in principles and nothing but results, the ultimate results of any war.

Though much aggressive on the field he was a kind hearted man and it was evident from the way he treated the prisoners in the base camp. They were always given the due as a human being and were not treated like animals though the worlds think the other way around. He used to tell his subordinates that they shouldn’t try to hurt the feelings of the prisoners neither humiliate them.

One fine evening, they could overpower a group of militants after a prolonged bloodshed and at the end of the day as any war would eventuate, they lost many lives and on the other side too were so many who sacrificed their lives. But only one person was alive from the enemy front and fortunately he could escape all those bombarding and bullets and he survived without even a single injury.

Again as usual, the prisoner was marched to the commanding officer and he was so kind to him as he told him to behave well for the next two days before he would be handed over to the civil authorities. But to his astonishment, the prisoner told the Commander to release him there itself as he would not be able to hold him for long. He told that because of the political pressure, the government would have to release him very soon and they would not at any cost be able to make him a prisoner like other hostages.

Commanding Officer though annoyed by his stand and confidence, told him in a very cool manner that it was all in his hands to decide to leave him alive or otherwise a single bullet would pen down his story to history.

Normal formalities of handing over the hostage to the civil authorities took place and our prisoner moved out of the unit.

Days passed by and during another operation on an afternoon the same unit with the Commanding Officer leading from the front, came across another bunch of militants. Incidentally the leader of the militant group was none other than our bold and confident militant who argued to the Commanding officer on that day that he would better leave him on the field itself. Things worked out the same way he had mentioned and the government could not hold the political pressure and eventually he was left free.

The militant on coming near to a recognizing distance, greeted the Commanding Officer and his troop. All the soldiers were thinking about the reaction of their boss as he started to walk across to their leader. On seeing the Commander’s indication, firing was stopped. On reaching near the militant mentioned with a smile about his remarks when he had been captured and how things had turned up exactly the way he had told on that day. He further told that if Commander wanted he could still capture him but of no use as again he would come out of the military power using political pressure.

To everyone’s astonishment, the Commander took out his bayonet in a fraction of second and faster than a lightening he pierced it across the militant’s neck. Nobody could realise what was happening and by the time the saw a line of blood oozing out from the militant’s neck he fell down on the ground leaving a breath half way through.

The Commander quietly cleaned his bayonet and placed it back on his rifle and marched ahead, stepping on the dead body lying in front of him.


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