Healthy Lifestyle, Habits & Good, Balanced And Nutritious Diet Can Help Reduce Cancer Risks

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Healthy lifestyle, habits & good, balanced and nutritious diet  can help reduce cancer risks

Cancer is spreading like wild fire  all over the world. The cause is increasing every minute and presently it is one of the biggest cause of death of human. Cancer has been increasing speedily. Money also have been spent to control cancer by all over the world in aspect of billions of dollars, but it is still evaded.The factors causing of cancer and the exact chemical mechanism of cancer initiation is yet not known. Therefore, it is not possible to foreclose cancer in most cases. But in a small cases cancer risks can be avoided to some extent by following controls on us is given below:-

Research has been found that tobacco is a primary cause of cancer. Tobacco is caused of the cancer of a large number of organs of the body like as lungs, oral cavity, urinary bladder, stomach, pancreas, urinary bladder, prostate and breast. Consumption of tobacco in any form i.e. smoking , tobacco chewing, gutka in the mouth can be caused  of  cancer. Cancer is not only harmful for the person who is consuming tobacco but also for the people as inactive smokers around him. Tobacco consumption is not only caused of  cancer but number of other problems such as heart disease, pneumonia, peripheral vascular problems, diabetes mellitus, and others. Smoking by pregnant women may cause of miscarriage, low birth weight of children, foetal deaths, premature delivery etc. Tobacco is the main caused of cancer as all countries Govt. knows in spite of smoking is continues. Alcohol is also factor to develop the cancer of mouth and foodpipe & cirrhosis of liver.We should avoid tobacco and alcohol for reducing the cancer.

 Exposure to radiation is related to the growing of cancer as the atomic explosion in Japan  is increasing number of  patients of cancer. Recently nuclear leakage in Japan will also increase cases of cancer in many times.

Ultraviolet rays from the sun can cause of  skin cancer as is finding out mainly among farmers working in the fields of Australia and New Zealand. Proper coverage of clothes can be reduced the skin cancer. Increasing use of radiological investigations, CT scan, is also  cause of cancer.

Incidence of colon cancer is mostly found in those peoples which eat beef, pork, smoked fish  is caused of cancer of the stomach . Obesity is related the cancer of many organs. Regular exercise can be reduced the risk of cancer.

Poor sanitary conditions are also increased the risk of cancer of the genitalia in both sexes. Cancer of the cervix is  seen among Indian females. Chronic infection of the genitalia is found  both in males and females. Poor hygienic conditions in one partner can rise to cancer in the spouse.

 Coal tar, asbestos, chemical, mercury and aniline dyes is caused of cancer. Anyone used these chemical should use gloves, mask, gumboots etc & avoiding direct skin contact and also should not take breathe in toxic fumes of these chemical agents. Pesticides and insecticides are also come under the same category and people handling these should take adequate precaution to prevent the cancer.

Hormones can influence the development of breast cancer. Any unmarried woman who has not given birth to a child or has given birth to her first child after the age of 30 years may be cause of cancer. A mother who has not breast-fed her children are more prone to develop breast cancer. All this is because of hormonal imbalance. Preventative pills, hormone replacement therapy, using both progesterone and oestrogen are increased risk of breast cancer.

A number of chronic benign diseases of many organs can develop into cancer. Some of the common diseases which are convert into cancerous forms are chronic inflammation of the cervix, gall bladder, stomach, mouth and the large intestine. Fibrocystic lesions of the breast, polyps in the gastro-intestinal or urinary tract, warts can also change into cancer.

It is important that these diseases are treated properly and adequately in early stages so as to avoid cancer. Fresh vegetables and fruits , healthy foods is reduced intake of fat  & minimize the development of cancer in the large gut. We should adopt a disciplined lifestyle with good, balanced and nutritious diet reducing the risk of cancer.


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