Robots IN Every Home

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 Few decades down the line might have advanced humanoid robots doing things that you could only see in a sci-fi film, but for now, robots  are capable of simple functions like taking care of your home.

                The thought that comes to mind for most of us when we think of Robots,  is of human-like mechanical device with the ability to think, speak and behave as humans would, thanks to the many movies that have painted the pictures in our minds. While this may very well be a possibility in the near future, for now robots are capable of simple functions like cleaning and guarding your home or being pets and companies. Domestic robots today are capable of multiple function.  Some home use robots are Wi-Fi enabled and can be controlled using a computer with an internet connection or a smarphone.  They move, match with a built-in camera, listen with a microphone and speak whatever you transmit using their speakers.

                They are capable of taking pictures and video, using the VOIP internet phone function and radio frequencies to transmit the data they collect, and monitor activity with their video surveillance functionality.  If they detect movement or sound, they can take a picture and send it by email to you, or even allow you to communicate through the speaker and microphone with anyone in the house, including your pets or intruders, thus making these fairly simple robots a great way to guard your home.

                Some robots are developed with artificial intelligence, thus making them completely autonomous in their functionality.  They are programmed to react in certain ways to certain scenarios, and can also understand the action and behavior of their masters, thus learning and maturing every moment, and advances in the technology behind artificial intelligence mean that soon, robots may learn to think and show emotion just like human beings.

                If research  in robotics continues at the pace at which it is going,  we will certainly see a larger presence of robots in everyday  life, with them taking over many  of the jobs that humans would be glad to have a machine perform.


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