10 Things Why You Must Accept Credit Card Payments on Your Website

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For websites that sell any kind of products or services, accepting credit card payments is a must. This allows customers a safe and convenient way to pay for their purchases.

Below are the ten reasons why your website should accept credit cards:

1. If people cannot pay for what they wish to buy using a credit card, they will probably not make the purchase. This will mean less business for the website, possibly even zero business.

2. Credit cards are the most common method of online payment. People everywhere, locally and internationally, use credit cards to make online purchases. Around 75% of all online orders are made directly using the credit cards.

3. When a website accepts credit cards, it makes more sales. Research indicates that sales can triple when a commercial website takes credit card payments compared to only other payment methods such as echecks, bank transfers, etc.

4. Accepting credit cards takes advantage of impulse buyers–people who, when they see something they want, immediately go ahead and buy it, because it’s a very easy way to pay for the payment. The customer’s state is not affected by a possibly not so convenient payment method.

5. Credit cards are used by international customers. You can have people overseas as your customers when your website accepts credit card payments.

6. Credit cards are easy and fast to process. They make for swift, hassle-free purchases.

7. Using credit cards eliminates the need to make trips to the bank. All processing is done online; there is no need to physically go anywhere or talk face-to-face with anyone. You don’t have to bring your checks to the bank, clear then and wait for the money. You get the funds instantly into your online merchant account.

8. When you accept credit card payments on your website, you receive payments securely, immediately. You eliminate the risks and delays associated with bounced and mailed checks.

9. Websites that accept credit card payments have a more professional and business-like feel than other websites that do not accept such payments. You do look like a company, not just a simple website that is run why some kid.

10. Setting up your website to accept credit cards is easy. The process is not as complicated or difficult as people would think. You just need to get an online merchant account.

There are different types of internet merchant accounts to accept payments. Usually it takes at least a 1-2 weeks to have the merchant account open at a certain bank that accepts your websites business model. However, the problem is that mostly all banks work only with companies. And what if you want to sell only a small ebook or software product that you have made, but have no  merchant account? There are other payment processing companies such as Click2Sell.EU that allows you to accept credit card payments online instantly and sell your products online. You open an account, add your products and place simple payment buttons on your website and that’s all. You account gets approved and you can start accepting credit cards within a couple of days without the huge manual paperwork that banks require.

Accepting credit cards is a must for your online business today, so make sure you have this payment option the next time you launch your new e-commerce website.


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