Never Never Never Give Up

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     “Hey, I got a job interview.” I am so excited at the time. I went t the interview. The company CEO is the interviewer. I am so shock as I got the information. He started to his mouth to speak. “Do you know I am watching you while you are filling your personal details? You took quite long time to fill personal detail and not just that your writing is terrible.” What a creepy CEO. I think for a moment what to say. “I would like to deliver my best in this personal detail and for writing wise is due to unavailable of table at the moment (people are using table)”. “Alright then, I accept your answer” the CEO said with some doubt. We continue on the interview and then later he shares the benefit that I will get if I join the company, such as the company is expanding to others countries. The interesting one he said “I have no kid, at the end the company will past to rest of you” and he end up with many more attractive benefit. I am so eager and interested to be part of the company. The CEO satisfied with the interview and hires me immediately. I said a big ‘YES’ in my heart.

     At the 1st day of my work I am so motivated and I will be reporting to the project manager. However, I still do meet with the CEO. It is because at that time I do not have computer at my desk and they are purchasing a new one for me. Once every two day, the CEO will past by me and he will said “Yourcomputer is coming soon” He repeat the same word each time he past by me “Is not there yet, your computer is coming soon”. And for me, I am reporting to the project manager. I am much better than the CEO in term of words usage, whenever I got task from the manager I will said “NO problem” , “Alright”, “Fine”. “Well” and finally I said “see you again” as I resign. How many of you are thinking that you are the one in the story, so motivated at the start, slowing down and later give up. Because of GIVE UP, you will be guarantee of nothing at the end and I am sure that you wouldn’t reach any destination.

     Today, I would like to introduce you this guy called Derek Redmond. He is a British athlete During his career, he won gold medals inWorld Championships, European Championships and Commonwealth Games.He is best remembered for his performance at the 1992 Olyimpic games in Barcelona , not because he win but he is actually the last one reach the finish line. Although, there is actually a high chance for him to win a medal base on his previous record.

      The race started and everything is moving smoothly until about 250m from the finish line, one of his leg thigh muscle snapped and Redmond stop and falling to the ground, he is extremely pain. He told him self “This is an Olympic games semi final. I have to get up!!” In just a moment he pull himself up, determined to finish the race. He began to hobbling along the track, with pain etched upon his face.  His father had been watching from the stands close to where the incident happened, he jumped over the railing onto the track to help his son, chased by two security guards. He is stopped by the guard. He said to the guard with anger “He is my son”. He then dodged over the guard and reach to his son.

     “You don’t have to do this” he told his son. “Yes I do” he reply. Well then we are going to finish together. Derek cries at his father shoulder as his father guiding him. From here, we could see how important the race to him. How much effort and time, he had put in for the day that he has to complete the race

     With his dad ensuring he kept his balance, arm in arm they made their way around towards the finish line. Shortly before the finish line, Derek father let him go to complete the race and receiving a standing ovation from a crowd over 65,000 people.

     “I’m the proudest father alive,” said Jim. “I’m prouder of him now than he actually won the gold medal. It took a lot of guts for him to do what he did.” Redmond said later “I don’t think I’ve ever cried so much in my life”

Two years after the Olympics in Barcelona, he was told by a surgeon that he would never run again or represent his country in sport. However, He never gave up; he began to turn his attention to other sports that he enjoyed. After trials at several basketball clubs, he secured a place on the GB BAsketball Team. He sent a signed photo of the team to the surgeon that had assured him he would never represent his country in sport again.

     Today Redmond does motivational speaking in many conference inspiring people with his story in the 1992 Barcelona Olympics.

     Because of Derek did not give up and finish up the race. He did not win but he becomes even better and significant person today.  It does not matter win or loss but as long as you do not give up, you will definitely reach your destination.


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