How to Use The Customer Advantage to Help With Your Fund Raising.

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Introduction to ‘The Customer Advantage’
A Great Fundraiser for Non-Profit Organizations
Thank you for taking the time to learn more about this exciting fundraising opportunity for non-profit organizations.

What exactly is The Customer Advantage?
• It’s an on-line service that you can sign up for and you will be e-mailed a daily coupon for 50% or more savings off of a local businesses products and/or services.
• It is 100% FREE to Join and you are under NO OBLIGATION to ever spend any money unless you choose to!
• This is already a successful model for companies like Groupon and LivingSocial.
• Instead of sinking millions into advertising the company is partnering with Non-Profits, Individuals, and Corporations to grow by word-of-mouth marketing.
How does it work?
• When somebody enrolls, they will receive a daily e-mail for a coupon for at least over 50% off of a local businesses products and services.
• The consumer has an option to purchase the coupon at that point in time on-line or simply delete the e-mail. Again, you are NOT OBLIGATED to every buy anything!
• The business that offers the coupon has negotiated all of the terms and conditions of the coupon with The Customer Advantage prior to their coupon campaign. Therefore, they will honor the coupon when the consumer brings it to their business.
How does it benefit your non-profit group?
• You can set up your group as a partner with The Customer Advantage.
• As a result, your organization is in a position to make money by getting people to sign up and hopefully use the coupons offered by The Customer Advantage.
• The more people signed up under your non-profit organization, the more potential money can be raised…here is how:
o Whenever anybody referred under your group purchases a coupon the your non-profit will receive a 5% commission off of the total purchase price of the coupon for that month.
o Here is an example:
 A coupon is made available that offers $50 worth of food and services towards a meal at a restaurant in the area.
 The coupon is sold to the customers for $25.
 So if anyone buys the coupon they get $50 towards a dinner for the price of $25.
 Let’s say your organization has gotten 100 people on board (for the sake of this example)…all 100 buy this coupon for $25.
 Your organization would get a 5% commission on EVERY coupon purchased for the 100 people we signed up:
• 5% of $25 = $1.25 per individual coupon
 Your group would receive…$1.25 times 100 people = $125.00!
 Now imagine if we could get more friends and families signed up than just 100. Get the idea?
 Everyone loves saving money, and it is incredibly easy to sign people up especially when they are supporting something!
How does your organization get started?
• First off – please take a minute to sign-up your organization as a partner through this web link. This happens to be a non-profit I’m involved with that allows special needs children to participate in team sports at their local high schools. In this case it is flag football. The league is the Faith, Hope, Love Flag Football League…to verify we are legit, here is the website
• There are streaming videos on the site if you’d like to learn more about The Customer Advantage that should help you better understand the company.
• Go to the site above, scroll to the bottom of the screen, hit the ‘Sign Up Now’ button
• You will only need to provide the following information:
o E-mail Address
o Name
o City and Zip Code
o User Name for the site
o Password for the site
• Once you have signed up you will be e-mailed a confirmation e-mail. Once you click on the link to verify your organization you will have your own website link (just like the one above).
• Spread the word to as many friends, family members, colleagues, or any one you know. Share your organizations link with them to get them to sign up just like above. The more you sign up the more money your organization can make long term!
Thank you so much for your interest and all that you do to benefit your non-profit organization. If you have ANY questions, contact me anytime.
Have a Great Day,
Bob Schroeder



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