Liechtenstein Disclosure Facility: How to Choosetax Advisor

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Want to avoid tax investigations for unreported assets offshore? The Liechtenstein Disclosure Facility is a legal U.K. tax ‘loophole’.  This former Inland Revenue tax investigation senior official advises how to choose the right tax investigation advisor for this as well as all your other tax problems.

THE LIECHTENSTEIN DISCLOSURE FACILITY: How to find the right tax investigation specialist advisor to help you use this UK approved legal tax ‘loophole’:

If you’re thinking about using the Liechtenstein Disclosure Facility to deal with unreported offshore assets, you’ll want to think carefully about the advisor you use to help you set things up.

Bob Evans, a 40 year tax investigation veteran discusses how to find the right tax advisor to assist you with not only the Liechtenstein Disclosure Facility, but with all your tax problems.

The obvious choice would be one of the large accounting firms, but according to Evans, you may not need such heavy hitters. There are many, well qualified, reasonably priced advisors who may well suit your needs better.

He explains exactly what to look for in a tax advisor and what questions to ask in order to identify someone who not only knows the in’s and out’s of how to deal with the Inland Revenue, but also how to help you avoid tax investigations and prosecution.

He goes into detail on several points that will help you determine just how qualified and competent the advisor really is. He suggests asking questions such as

– What is your experience in dealing with Inland Revenue? He suggests working with someone who’s intimately familiar with HMRC, preferably an ex-Inland Revenue investigator.

– What is your reputation with HMRC? Evans says it’s crucial that they be held in good regard by HMRC in order to defuse potential aggression

– What other experience do they have? Have they worked with one of the larger accounting firms and have they previously dealt with tax investigations?

– If so, how many investigations have they handled and what sort of results did they obtain for their clients? What were the penalties negotiated and how much did they charge their clients for these negotiations?

– Are they in a position to adequately handle your case if it requires that reports are filed within 6 months? Do they have the resources internally and do they have other professional resources such as accountants with whom they can collaborate?

Evans also discusses the human factor. You may find someone who is well qualified, but do you feel a connection? According to Evans, that connection is vital as you’ll be working closely with them for a long period of time as you navigate through the issues you face.

We urge you to educate yourself immediately using our free resources. Find out if you qualify for the Liechtenstein Disclosure Facility by visiting uktaxinvestigation(dot)com.


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