Deception in Marriage.

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Deception in marriage. 50

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By movakan

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Deception in marriage.

Deception in marriage.

Marriage: Two opposite gender (female-male) as the emotional and physical co-existence, living together, meeting together in the same idea, share the same ideals with the ideals of presence and a good day, bad day, to walk together, to share happiness with, together sharing the pain Established with the smallest institutions of society.

Marriage in all societies, at all times, and all humans are sacred. İnstutial.

Universal and all communities, a common language for all people.

Although many different human groups, even not know each other’s language, the common language of two opposite sex marriage and the family of nations.

The institution of marriage is the common language of the nations and societies, very solid, very strong foundations established over.

This should be as strong as the foundations of a building foundation

. Form the basis of the elements of a building, iron, cement, stone, sand and lime.

Five basic elements in place the necessary and appropriate to the building, used as needed, the building would not be in the future in building a solid small vibrations, earthquakes, building collapses, and then goes to the building consists of cracks.

Institution of marriage is similar to the building.

Elements of the institution of marriage:






Yes, the institution of marriage, there are five key elements.

Very close to each other has nothing to do with the five basic elements.

In case of absence of one or more of these elements, and the institution of marriage, the first step, the large building, the family opens the wounds and fissures.

leads to cracking open wounds.

The formation of cracks in the family breaks down, parts.

From person to person so there is sometimes in marriage değişsede elements in all societies, all races, all religions that have been rejected, not received yasaklanmışır and well .. the only thing that all societies, marriage is not accepted, and all the people deceive each other.

Women in marriage or man.Marriage deceive or cheat: A man or a woman marry with the family after setting up at different times by different environments, this pair secretly a woman is forbidden relationship with another man there, with another woman or a man with a ban found in the relationship.

man or woman outside of the family of both sexes in physical and emotional presence of another woman or man is a combination of sexual intercourse.

both sexes without sexual intercourse, sometimes he likes each other emotionally in marriage is considered cheating ways.

Whether male or female spouses often deceiving people dayatırlar different reasons.

spouses, sometimes their husbands because of some fool kızdıklarından.

but there are people like that just get pantazı change, whether he cheat on his wife.

Sexual desires can not be dominated by the way, people always go to their spouse cheating.

It is a moment will arrive that does not know where the error was made.

This error occurs over time, strengthened, and fault is indispensable.

Sometimes this error is caught red-handed and return processing is impossible.

infidelity between spouses is always hidden, is hidden.

Marriage of two genders: male and female who recognizes each other how good their marriage is not so strong it will be very strong.

it extremely difficult to live together does not recognize one of the spouses in a marriage.

Huyusu each other, characteristics, ideas, and enlarges the debate recognize the spouses out of the small errors they fight.

Love of the spouses often lose a fight.

quickly lost their spouses cheat on each other in love.

One of the spouses in general, women are left alone to judge themselves not show interest in and emotional works as a team and act on suspicions.

Men and women acting suspiciously alone as a spiritual and psychological conflict within most of the time.

Spiritual conflict is no longer exposed to any other breed feelings against people of different directions uses emotional deviations.

As a means of salvation for themselves a agrees emotional deviations.

maybe they feel safe with these deviations do not feel working.Trust person tries to look for a safer place.

Spouses cheating on each other, often one-sided would be cheating.

Spouses often feel it.

Spouses are often deceived when they understand the last bulur.Sometimes divorce ends in murder.

Of course, the understanding of one of the spouses of each other, sometimes deceived, due to culture or grow depending on the structure of society as a moral change.

In some societies, a small error to another person or society is considered an unforgivable crime.

In some societies, a small error to another person or society is considered an unforgivable crime.

Although small errors in the understanding of civil society and some people overcomethe errors

Break  family structure.

Elements of the institution of marriage, spouses should know very well that the familystructure etirsinler continue.

Spouses need to get to know very well that small errors in the elements of marriage institution..

Peer-to-the elements of the institution of marriage need to understand very well that thesmall cracks repair  understand each other, shake and cracks.

Peer-to-the institution of marriage as much as necessary elements in place very welland I need to use that in the face of great difficulties unscathed. different times and places when they make false and incorrect with respect each other and understand one another, patiently tolerate the institution of marriage further by showing solidarity eipmore useful for their future shipments.

If there is love in this institution, the institution of marriage is definitely cheating.

If there is trust and deception must respect the institution of marriage.

To avoid these disadvantages, and marriage and marriage for all the elements ofaldatmamak need to protect very well. they always have to consider.

Otherwise you can stay exposed to unwanted events.

Elements of the violation of moral principles etmiyelim marriage.

Very nice to live and be with

Person to person when you live with love and respect to live in pain.


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