Dreams…how to Dream Effectively

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Thought is able to move mountains, don’t you agree? That’s how we turn to dreams because by dreams (only) we can move mountains. Dreams are the manifestation of a positive and decisive mind… Having dreams is the first step, the second step is to give them the right direction ,  and the third step is to achieve a better & more valuable life.

Daydreaming can be a pleasant enough activity even when we don’t expect to “realize” our dreams; however things inevitably change when we decide not only to dream but to act. And yet, a lot of people still continue daydreaming aimlessly and usually end up in dreams that never turn to reality. In other words, living in “Dreamland” could be a comfortable way of escaping from the harsh reality of life, but no more than that. That’s why dreamers and dreams exist, you may say; what if we manage to realize (all) our dreams and then get disappointed?!! And yet, two kinds of people exist – some aimless and fruitless dreamers, others purposeful and positive thinkers – each with their reasons for dreaming.

Here I intend to write only about the second, the positive kind of “dreamers”. The ones who have always believed  that  their dreams  will one day become a reality. The ones who dream at night, yet work hard during the day. The ones who know what to do with their dreams, and how to use and direct them. I do hope you are one of them, otherwise you would not be reading this article.

The activities

  1. Find more time to relax & to daydream. Do it often and daily. Release your mind from all everyday tasks and cares, switch it off.

  2. Have a daydream about what you want to achieve. Use your free time for this purpose; do not replace day dreaming with something else!

  3. Then and only then, will you have a night dream about things you are eager to achieve. Make a list of your dreams!

  4. “Sharpen” and train your mind, think in greater and greater detail. Give the mind enough food; focus on places which you want to visit (if dream about traveling abroad)…make plans. In other words, encourage your mind to be constructive.

  5. Concentrate – at first – on just one part of your dream (that is very important!). It helps a lot just before going to sleep in a darkened room, to watch the flame of a burning  candle  for a minimum of 10-15 minutes. Place the burning candle   at 0,5 – 1 m away  and at the level of your eyes.  Stare at it, trying not to blink or to think about anything. From time to time (say, every 3-4 minutes) close your eyes and you will continue seeing the image of the burning candle. Keep that image as long as you can, then open your eyes and continue watching the flame. Like that, you will also improve your sleep and eyesight,  so your night dreams will become “more” colourful,  and more “real”.  Also, through your dreams while sleeping you will receive more ideas, more “feedback” about everything you have wanted or want to obtain.

  6.  As you go to sleep, try to “clean” your mind of all (good or bad!) you’ve experienced during the day.  Relax.  Think of each part of your body saying and repeating to yourself how important it is to have a good sleep, how charged you will wake the next day. (Steps #4 and 5  help for clearer visualization of your dream,  giving more and better food to your mind; these are in fact your tools for making a dream real). Following & regularly making step 5 (for at least a month!) you will become more concentrated in general – not only in your dreams – and, being  more concentrated it will help  you  eventually to work  better and, thus, to earn more, to be promoted.  Or, in other words, it will lead to fulfilling / realizing your dreams! The results of doing these simple exercises are immeasurable in time, especially if you continue repeating them for months! It will  lead  you to higher levels of consciousness, with no restrictions aside from your own persistence!  You will soon realize the importance of these exercises once you begin to do them!

  7. To summarize, repeating these steps over weeks and months will  lead you to improved success in general (not only in just fulfilling your dreams!).  Become obsessed with daydreaming (well, not at work though!). Be confident that one day you will achieve what you have wanted!   Finally, the proof is all around us. Radio, TV, phones, cars, trains, spaceships have all come from daydreams. All of them have at first looked incredible.  And yet, the inventors of these things started believing in their dreams. They were people with wings – people onto whose inventions or dreams the world leans. Why not  be one of them?  Because, ’’one is as  great as his (or her) dreams are ‘’.

  Notes to  the reader   : these are mostly my personal thoughts and notes which have frequently led me to success; some ideas (of course) have been taken from books, but adjusted mainly to my goals and nature. Following them (my thoughts and my notes) I have been able to gain some –by no means accidental!– success.  I do hope my ideas  will work for you too. At least, you will be able to improve your eyesight (vision) and sleep. Then, if you practice long enough (that’s the most difficult part!) your dreams will become real.Wish you a good luck!



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