The Teacher…

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The Teacher

People are so different, so unique. Some enjoy what they do , others hate it.  So many professions there are, so  different abilities. And, while some of the people still do not know why they work(and what for),other people merely do it – some with pleasure, some without. All of us work for money ,that is out of question. And some make more. Others—not so  much and they still continue persistently doing it – mostly because they have found the golden medium and have reconciled with themselves. It is so difficult to find your devotion – and they have found it. What they do they do it with pleasure .  I do not know why is it to be like that but in most societies teachers are not paid much – and / but they keep on doing their important work. Yes, they do – often without expecting anything against. It is just because they have found their DEVOTION  in teaching. Their main purpose in life . To educate , to show ways. Simply,  to  Teach.

The Teacher is the most generous man in that world. Generous but  not  with what he/she receives , generous because he/she gives.  He/she never leaves for himself/herself knowledge and abilities he/she has collected. He or she shares that knowledge – patiently, with an open heart – with the ones with less knowledge.

The Teacher is an ordinary man with an unordinary task and that task is to show us the real meaning of knowledge in times in which each thing has its price but not each of that has some(its) value.

The Teacher is strong. So strong that he/she can turn the sleepy mind into a curious one, the disorganized thought into a system, the inexperienced  and clumsy  child into a confident young man.

The Teacher is selfless in his devotion. And he/she is  selfless because he/she knows that with his/her work he/she makes something which is priceless – turns the crowd of people into a society. And , like that  he/she continues, child after child….

Well, what else can we say – we owe our teachers some sincere respect. Gratitude . Our regards, our smiles.  That is our thankfulness to them. And our redemption to them….


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