How to Live to be 100 (And in Good Health!) The Philosophy of a Good Life

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The philosophy of a good life (introduction)

Living is an art.Frankly, it is well-known that no-one could guarantee you that you would live to be 100.

But, as far as that depends on us, we may try to make our lives not only longer but happier and more valuable.

By following the simple “rules” given below, most of you should  be able to improve your lives significantly. Now, some would find the advice complicated, some very simple and easy to follow. It all depends on how much you desire to change something in your life. If you want it, then do it – that will always be for the better. In fact, the years (well, up to 100 anyway) are not so important- especially if you are ill; the most important thing is of course to feel good, to be aware what you do is the correct, healthy, right way.  As the yoga teachings state, we try to give full life to the years not simply years to the (empty and unhealthy!) life. Finally, if improvements in life depend on us (and I believe that these improvements account for at least 40 %!), then we must carry them out and change our life for the better. All this depends on our desire, but also requires some effort of our side . Make these efforts– and you will be rewarded.

 And now–Ten items of advice (out of 100 altogether! which will follow soon) how to live to be 100, in good health of course

  1. Always, or more often, smile! Watch your favourite comedies, reckon the funniest moments, especially on grey days. Smile.  While smiling, your liver smiles, too.
  2. Always  think—( or try to!) think optimistically.  It has been proven—optimists live longer than pessimists. At  least, an optimist’s life is  more contented, more colourful.

  3. Count to ten(it is usually possible) before acting. Do not take unconsidered and hasty decisions.
  4.  Ask yourself – not other people – about your needs (don’t ask a seller what you need, he or she will find the way to convince you!).  Also, count on yourself for most issues which need to be solved! When you have some important decision to take —  ask professionals for advice, not your friends! ( your friends will likely not know the answer ; moreover, they could tell you— knowing you well—what you would like to hear). A professional will be unprejudiced and correct. So, you will save yourself a lot of disappointment.

  5.  Everyday find time to stay still, without doing anything, at least twice a day for 15-20 minutes. Relax, calm down, release your body and mind .Push aside yourthoughts, do not think about anything. Thus you will re-charge with more energy that you have ever suspected.

  6. Eat moderately, never over-eat(especially in the evening). Avoid spicy and fatty foods.  Eat more fruit and vegetables. Always eat the fruit first. Do not mix proteins with carbohydrates (or try not to where possible).
  7.  Drink 6 glasses of water daily. Drink—if you can find it—distillery or spring water mainly. Avoid mineral water unless you really need it (in case of some illness). Drink water at room temperature or even warm ( not from the fridge!). Doing that, you will avoid many problems with your stomach later. Do not drink fizzy drinks, or drinks coloured artificially or sweetened with any sweeteners – often sweeteners are worse than sugar! In  hot weather, always drink hot liquids (remember where coffee  originally comes from, certainly  not from Alaska!).  Prefer tea to coffee. Do not eat and drink, do not mix water with food!

  8. Often, your desires and necessities are different. Clarify them, separate them, try to satisfy necessities first…. Strive not to indulge in luxurious things and \ or  foods. You can perfectly—and more easily! live without  the newest brand of cell phone or car, and to save the money for something you have always wanted (travelling abroad, the dreamed  2 weeks cruise in the Atlantic, or —  you name it!).

  9. Take a break , do not rush too much. Reward yourself  — at the end of each piece of work done well ( or at the end of each week!), stop for a while, treat yourself mentally, or your body physically, have some rest and then continue. Do not allow your mind to be engaged all the time with business affairs.
  10. Every day walk 2 (at least) to 4 miles. Walking, moving is healthy. Walk—or try to—in every kind of weather.  Walk slowly, do not rush; do the walking preferably in the park (or, better still, a forest), or out of the city.  If can’t find time for longer walks, walk energetically for 15-20 minutes twice a day.

            (to  be continued )



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