Living Without a Purpose

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A thing that I’ve noticed in our lives is that we have been living without a purpose so far. No one has ever come up to show us the path on which we are supposed to tread. Living without a goal ( and I mean the goal that we are supposed to reach and not the mundane ones which we set in order to prove ourselves in front of other fellow beings ) is just like living like animals. Why are they here? They seem purposeless, their souls seem lost. There are a few who are ‘placed’ for our sport or rather we’ve turned them into our plaything.

Wish there was an announcement when we were born – “all the newbies are supposed to follow this train to Mt. Unknown”. That way we would have known what are we supposed to pursue.  That way we would have known the ultimate goal. There must be something that we gotta do. Why have we been placed otherwise? Are we supposed to figure out life? Or are we supposed to fight among each other? Is it all just a sham so that we’d never know and never question back? Or is it a mistake someone committed and we are being punished severely by the reiteration of the same life over and over again as if we were bound in a loop.

What if we become the richest men alive on the earth? Was that the goal? Why were we put down on earth? Some say to understand this life and to be successful. What if we understand every human notion and become successful in this life? Then why are we supposed to come back (citation needed…….that’s another unsure concept that is there).

There must be a ride that we are supposed to take, a mountain that we are supposed to climb, a trench that we are supposed to do snorkeling in or anything pragmatic – something realistic that we should be doing because that’s the ultimate goal. But there has been no such announcements, no, none, nothing that would tell us to live a particular life with a reason attached to it. Why we should do it? Why we should follow something? What if I get all the happiness in the world? What if I am supposed to be the saddest person on the earth and I serenely become that as well? Is there something that they want us to do?

We have been creating a world of our own. We have been planning things that matter only to us human beings. There are so many people in this world, we could’ve easily achieved what was there to achieve had we been given a reason and purpose in the beginning. But we are rambling without purpose. Our souls are sauntering hither and thither, keeping it low, basking in the same worldly pleasure around us. We don’t know what to do? We rejuvenate when we decide something. We proclaim one day that we want to become doctors and engineers and we are supported for it. What if you achieve your goal? Is there something else that we are supposed to follow? For those who weren’t able to, does it matter?


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