Rift – Great Tips On Getting Gold – Fast Level Capping – Best Guide

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If you have started playing RIFT, or even if you are thinking of it this article is for you.

RIFT looks like it going to become massively popular in the gaming world and it appears to be a serious contender to World of Warcraft. It is a complex games with many different facets to it, to learn how to progress through the levels is going to take the average player a long time on their own as they struggle to get to grips with the game, there are so many possibilities available for each character, and so many different paths to choose it is going to take you an age.

There are many real experts of this game already and it has only been out for a month, so if you want to compete with these dudes you are going to need a little help in the way of a leveling guide.

Fortunately, there is one particular guide available that will enable you to level cap 50 in a matter of days, this has taken a long time to put together by a team of dedicated expert players and it is full of everything you need to know, in an easy to understand way so that you may reach level capping in the fastest possible time, as mentioned because of the game’s complexity this will take you many days of trial and error to learn on your own, that’s fine if you don’t mind getting crushed.

It is important, if you want to achieve fast levelling that you begin in the correct way, and this usually means earning some money and/or gold to begin with so that you are able to progress in the right way.

The guide will also show you where and how to begin your quests, how to get gold the fastest way possible and the areas, with the coordinates you need to go get it, and perhaps more importantly the things you should be spending it on, this is vital as if spent on the wrong things your quests will doomed to failure.  

Getting gold and the fast leveling of warriors and mages as well as how to use the Soul Tree properly are just some of the things you quickly learn from this guide, it is easy to understand and the settings are graphically illustrated so you will have little trouble understanding things.

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