How to Quickly Get a Six Pack

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Ok so you want to learn how to get six pack abs. There are a few things you need to keep in mind and add to your lifestyle to get great abs. First you need to eat healthy clean food, second you will need to workout on the muscles of your core, and thirdly you will need to increase cardio if you need to lose some fat that is covering the muscle.

Exercises to get six pack abs:

To really see definition in the core and abs you need to work your core at different angles and positions. There are dozens of exercises for abs. Here are some great ones to get started: Crunches, Hyperextensions, Sit ups, Incline Sit ups, Leg raises, Hanging leg raises, Jake knifes, Scissor kicks, Super mans, Side bends, Twisting sit ups or crunch, planks, side planks, back planks, stability ball work, ab roller, also remember to Sit and Stand with good posture always.

If you add these exercises to your workouts you will see major definition and at least a
Six pack of abs, if not an 8 pack of abs, as well as a strong lower back and oblique muscles and an overall strong core.

Foods to eat to get six pack abs:

You have to watch what you eat more that how much you eat. Eat healthy clean, natural foods to keep you body full of nutrients, vitamins, minerals, fat, protein, carbohydrates, and water. Here are some good foods to eat: Tuna, chicken, peanuts, protein supplements, fruits and vegetables, real fruit juice, whole wheat or grain bread, fresh water.

Now make sure you do not eat any junk food and unhealthy food. Here are foods you should avoid if you want a lean strong six-pack. Do not eat chips, candy, pop, fast food, beer or alcohol, white bread, a lot of pasta, or any fatty meats or foods. Taking all the crap out of you diet will give you greater results in the gym.

Cardio to loss the extra fat to see your abs:

If you need to loss some weight of fat off your abs, you need to add some extra cardiovascular work to your routine. Choose exercises that will increase your heart rate and make you sweet. You must get cardiovascular exercise at least 15 minutes per workout 3 times a week. Also get at least 1 hour of accumulated activity everyday. Here are some good exercises to loss those extra inches around you mid section: Skipping rope is one of the best cardio exercises because you are forced to keep your posture and you use your whole body. Running up and down stairs or hill side, jogging or running, swimming, biking, rollar-blading or skating, dancing, shadow boxing, hiking, walking, and playing sports are also great activities and exercises to reveal your six pack abs.

So the bottom line on how to get a six pack abs are, you must work your abs and core muscles from many angles using a variety of different exercises. Secondly you must eat healthy nutritious clean food to grow and repair your body. And thirdly you need to do your cardiovascular work regularly if you need to loss weight or fat. Also remember to breath deeply and sit or stand with good posture, that way your core is always working.


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