God Hears Us When We Pray

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Are you a Christian that is still waiting on their blessing?You pray,fast,and pray some more each day and it just seems as though God is not listening.Well I have a question for you.Has your prayer been answered and you just didn’t receive it?Sometimes in life we can get in our own way of receiving our blessing.We continue to ask God why is he not answering our prayer.The truth of the matter is,he has already answered us and we just won’t receive the answer.We just continue to pray about it and God is telling us to quit praying for things he has already answered.Our problem is that we need to learn how to recognize the answer so we can receive it

.How many of you remember the story in the Book of Acts when Peter was in jail waiting to be executed and the church was across town praying for his deliverance?I can imagine that this was not just normal praying going on but some Holy Ghost praying because Peter(their pastor)was to be executed at sunrise.When you read the story you will see that God answered their prayer while they were still in the midst of praying,but watch what happens!Peter knocked on the door and when the servant looked out and saw Peter,she got so excited she didn’t even bother opening the door.Instead she went and told the praying church that Peter was at the door.Their response to her was that she was crazy and seeing things.(Notice that the bible said that Peter consistently knocked on the door).Finally when they did come to the door and saw it really was Peter,they were shocked!It was as though they were not expecting God to answer their prayer.

If you are praying for something and want God to move on your behalf,you have to be willing to receive the blessing.Don’t just let your blessing continue to stand at the door knocking.In order to receive the blessing,you must open the door.I encourage anyone who is praying for whatever the reason may be to pray believing God will answer your prayer and opening up the door to receive it.


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